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For this study, a constant band of frequency from 1 MHz to 1.5 MHz will be examined as Fractal designs are varied both in form and their iterations for consuming 64 meters of wire. The SWR relationships are arbitrary, we are only concerned with frequency based determinations. The data here follows the same trend established in the Constant Wire Comparison. That is, there are cross correlationships between

1. number of elements in a fractal form

2. the order of the fractal (which also impacts the number of elements, but is separable)

3. the frequency where a SWR null will occur

All of these observations show strong correlationships to the complexity of the fractal form. The data presented below reveals a strong trend in resonance shift as both a function of iteration for any particular form; and with the number of elements in the first order form. This relationship of form to frequency is presented as a formula for the "special wire equation."

  First Order Second Order Third Order Fourth Order
Standard Monopole  
Koch Triadic  
MB Curve  
Koch Quadratic