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I like to do detailed, measured characterization of my rigs.   In fact, I like to characterize every parameter which I am able to measure.   This includes output power as a function of frequency, output spectral purity, RIT tuning range, maximum tuning range, current drain, receiver minimum detectable signal.

I have been able to add a few of these tests for the K1.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

15 meter band test results:  I have measured specific data for the 15 meter band.  It shows that the K1 performs very well on this band.

20 meter band test results: The 20 meter band performance is also very good.  I shows flat output power over the entire 160KHz measured range.

30 meter band test results: The 30 meter band performance is good.  It shows pretty flat output power over the 50KHz band.

40 meter band test results: The 40 meter band performance is acceptable to me.  I am sure that I can improve it.  I have just optimized it for the lower portion of the band since that is where I operate most of the time when I am on 40m.

Current Draw

The current draw differs between transmit and receive.  This is due to the fact that in transmit the current hungry power amplifiers are working.  This should be obvious to most, but thought I would mention it anyway.

This is my initial data on current draw.  I want to develop a plot current verse output power.  This is helpful information if working from a battery and the need for current rationing is required.  Then you can set your output power for the desired current draw to get battery operation of the time slot required.

No audio, I = 51.8mA
Full Audio, no signal, I=52.1mA

Transmit: I = 1.03 to 1.1 A depending upon frequency.

I retuned my rig a few months ago.   It is after I wrote my review for John's (K3WWP) Web Site.  My review on his site can be found here.   My tests results will be a little different than what I present in that review because of the retune.

One of the parameters I measure is maximum output power over the band.  I do this since it is something most people are interested in.  I most usually operate at the 5W setting for the rig.