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I hope you enjoy looking through my log books.  I like to keep details on the most enjoyable or meaningful contacts.  Some contacts are just hard to end.  Like when I recently worked K7HP in Arizona.  After 2 hours and after midnight we had to end our contact.  It was fun.

I also hope that my logs encourage you to be as professional and considerate as possible when you are working CW and to record details in your logs.

Old Log Book.  This is my old log book from 1986-87.  This was when I was licensed as a Novice and only operated 40m.

Log book 1  This is my first log book after returning to ham radio Nov. 2001.  I was still very rusty at CW.  My operating skills were real bad.

Log book 2 (will add soon).  Getting better at operating.  Also looking for more distant east coast contacts.  Also got my first contact with Alaska.

Log book 3 (will add soon).  Participated in my first contest.  The FISTS Sprint.  I only had 6 contacts!  Not a very good showing, I know, but I had fun anyway.  Also, my first good contacts with Canada and a good QSO with a Vermont station.

Log book 4 Contains most of my first DX contacts.  I just recently clicked with DX.  Prior to this, I thought I would not be able to contact any real distant (>6,000km) DX with my simple QRP station.

Log book 5   This is the latest page from my log book.  I will add the other pages later.  I have had alot of fun working some DX at >10,000 Km.  Also, had some good rag chews like W7JWA, Jay.  Also worked K7MOS for the second time.

Log book6  Some good DX in this log.  Got to Stockholm twice in the same night and worked four JAs in the JA dx contest.  Good qso with G4ZDU.

Log book7  Great time for some good rag chew qso with some great people.  Lots of fun.  Alos quite a few JA's.

Log book8  Great time for some good rag chew qso with some great people.  Lots of fun.  Alos quite a few JA's.

This web site is under construction.  So please excuse the missing links and lack of any real content.  I have not even had time to do a spell check.  I know that I am going to be real sorry for not doing that first!