Want to Watch Live (streaming) Amateur Television on the Web

Then click ATV Repeaters Streams or Members Streams with the calls below.

W6ATN ATV RPT in Southern CA. (Six ATV Repeaters Linked Together)

W7ATN/AZ ATV RPT from Phoenix, AZ.

W7AMQ ATV RPT from Portland, OR.

WR8ATV ATV RPT from Columbus, OH.

K9BIF from Goshen, IN. (Charlie's Stream)

WB9KMO from Santa Barbara, CA.

W9BIF ATV RPT. from Goshen, IN.

More ATV Repeaters on the WWW

(NEW) LIVE  NASA Video Feeds

Use the ReaPlayer 5.0 Stream or Windows Media for the live feeds

Current ATV Activeity Log

ATV Home Pages

Amateur Television of Centeral Ohio (ATCO)

Amateur Television Network (ATN)

ATV of Idaho

Badgerland Amateur Television Society

Baltimore Amateur Radio Television

Detroit Amateur Television Society

Southern Illinois Amateur Television Group

Tennesee Valley ATV - K4BFT Repeater

Western Washington Television Society

Foreign ATV Home Pages

Auckland ATV of New Zealand

British Amateur Television Club

Severnside TV Group - GB3XG & GB3ZZ Repeaters

Slovenia ATV

Amateur Television Personal Home Pages

KC6YRU ATV Home Page

WA6ZJG ATV Home page Live Cameras

W4NEQ Airborne ATV Project

Amateur Television Equipment

ATV Research Inc. - Cameras and othe ATV eqpt.

Bomar Crystals - Crystals

Comet Antennas - Antennas

DCI Digital Communications Inc. - BandPass Filters

Down East Microwave Inc. - Antennas, Converters, Amps


International Crystal Manufacturing Co. Inc.- Crystals

Intuitive Circuits - ATV Repeater Controller and Decoders

North Country Radio

M2 Antenna Systems Inc.- Antennas

Mirage Commuications Equipment - Amplifiers

Olde Antenna Lab of Denver - Antennas

PC Electronics - Tranceivers

SuperCircuits - Cameras

TXRX Systems Inc.- Cavities

Amateur Television Magazines

Amateur Television Quarterly

        73 Amateur Radio Magazine (no longer published) - Has a column written by Bill Brown WB8ELK

        CQ VHF Magazine - Has a column written by Ed Manuel N5EM

        ARRL Magazine - Has Information sometimes and the ARRL Handbook has a section in it on ATV

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Brats ATV Notes

Brats ATV Technical Menu

P's and Q's Of ATV Reception

ATV Ballon and Rocket Information

WB8ELK's Many Links to Ballon and Rocket Information