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I am Sebastian Lee who lives in South Korea. My home town is Chonju (PM35NT). It is located in south-west area of Korean Peninsula. It takes about 3 hours to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, by bus. The population is about 500,000. This city is famous for old style house as you can see background at the following photo. Can you find black colored tile-roof?

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Nov 1994 May 1995 June 1995 in Guam June 1995, Guam

My handle(Nick name) is YI.
My full name is Dohaeng Lee. I like to call me Sebastian.
I was born at a small country side(Gochang) in 1962. It is placed south from Chonju. As you can see above photos, I married in 1989. After marriage we had lived in Seoul. My daughter was born on May 26th 1994. My wife was a dentist and had a private dental clinic. I was a surgeon. Now I live in Chonju(Jeonju) alone.

Here some photos of Chonju(Jeonju)!

World-Cup 2002 in Korea, Japan

Jeonju Festival

Jeonju hosts many traditional festivals, including the renowned Pungnamje Festival, Jeonju started the new millenium by hosting the Jeonju International Film Festival as part of it. It takes place from the end of April to the beginning of May every year. The city was a 'Mecca in Korea for movies' from the late 1940s to the early 1960s. So the film festival was created to praise the local movie industry, alternative films, digital films.

Also, there are two more festivals. The Jeonju Paper Festival, which promotes Hanji, Korean traditional paper and the Jeonju Daesaseupnolri Festival, which celebrates sound-traditonal music and singing.

Some Bequest, Korea

Korean lattice patterns

My wife had a call DS1CLV and now a silent key. She and my daughter (Whayoung Lee) passed away on 12 June, 1995.

Sept 1999 MASSEin Gebet (Deutsch)

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Wrapping clothes, Korean traditional

My system

ANT: Multi-Dipole for HF and Vertical for VHF band
CW Key: Straight
Packet: Use Baycom


MY LOST RIG, June 12, 1995

Lost Rig

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At first my call was HL2DQV but changed because of moving. I had lost the received QSL cards at the blow on 12 June 1995. Now all I have are those following.

I missed the lost QSL cards.

SWL: YL-RS-152 Alexandr Lavrov (Riga Latvia)

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