Suitcase radio systems


Burndept BE536 in suitcase

Cougar High band 148 -174 MHz radio sets

Dumfries and Galloway Police Fire Philips FM900 VHF UHF TRANSPORTABLE Suitcase Repeater System

EADS CONNEXITY Smart Digital Encrypted Radio Transceivers Type No MC961

Home Office SRA 131 Suitcase radio system

Marconi RC675 - Scottish Office AM / FM Suitcase Portable

Marconi RC690 

Motorola Portable Repeaters suitcased

Pye F496 talk-through base station + MC490

Pye Olympic Military Talkthrough System

Pye Olympic M201 M202

Pye UHF Westminster talk-through w15ut

Tait 2020 Fire Brigade Suitcase Data Transmitter / Receiver


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