Pye Olympic Military Talkthrough System

Can anyone help identify these?

Here are pictures of two Visor Suitcases containing as you can see a single channel Low Band  Pye Olympic in a F290 PSU Hod. 

Both with Pye Olympic front panel badge, serial type plate and frequency plaque removed.

The first one was bought from Ramco (see barcode on Visor handle) in about 2002 via a dealer who had bought a Ramco lot.  This has 2 tickets inside it, one says 72.8 MHz (correct transmit and receive on test) and "April 1981 new and tested at Pye" label.  The other ticket says very faintly "Gibraltar House".

It has been suggested that these could have been used on a military range where there was no permanent radio equipment.

It has been pointed out by Alan of that there is a Gibraltar House at Gibraltar Point, Wainfleet Military Test Range near Skegness.

The second one was bought at Cambridge rally on 1st March 2009 and came from a Northern military establishment as scrap for sale.  The second shabby visor case has no tickets or markings on it but is on 79.4 MHz transmit and receive and is identical to the first one. 

They have in the FACILITIES HOD of both Olympics a talkthrough board which has its inputs and outputs connected to the two female D-type 15 way sockets (as in picture).  If one was female and the other male then they could be connected together to form a repeater with no CTCSS protection.

Another of these suitcases was seen sold on eBay three or four years ago by a dealer from Wellington in Somerset who sells a lot of military radio equipment.

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