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Conversion of Emergency Service Radios

MB7000  256 channel 12.5KHz spacing AM / FM.
Combined UHF 99 channel talk-through system.
(Circa 1990 plus)

Cleartone MB7000  256 channel AM / FM  VHF/UHF mobile system.
1990ís boot mounted mobile system.  One of the much later sets based on the CM7000. which comes fitted with two CH650 99 channel portable sets (less batteries) transmitter-receiver units.  One is receive only on UHF 99 channels.  One is transmit only on UHF 99 channels.  And one Cleartone CM7000 boot mounted set VHF 143 Ė 156 MHz AM / FM set.  All this in one black crackle finish enclosure boot mounted set, to give talk-through VHF-UHF and UHF-VHF.  2 metres Ė 70 cms.
The accompanying control boxes are very flash in red-green/red white with no protruding knobs, all flush touch buttons.  If the control box to boot set lead is missing, a standard VGA monitor lead female to male will work instead.
There are four EPROMís to change.  One in each portable set.  Two in the main set.  I have not yet run the sets on 2m & 70 cms yet as the EPROMís are not yet available.
The control boxes that stand vertically, not horizontally, work OK.  Beware!  There are horizontal control boxes (red-green coloured) but they had design faults, were unreliable and were replaced with the vertical mount ones.
Cleartone CM7000 is just the two transmitter-receiver CH650 portables in one boot mount case with grey push button control box for UHF talk-through only.

CleartoneVHF UHF Mobile CM7000 Repeaters.jpg (101503 bytes)    CLEARTONE  CM7000A4.jpg (84220 bytes)    CLEARTONE  CONT BOX_IMG.jpg (177181 bytes)    Cleartone CM7000 Mc CONT BOX.jpg (98690 bytes)    Cleartone CM7000 old Repeat contbox MetPol.jpg (169999 bytes)    CLEARTONE CM7000 talk through UHFMobile.jpg (119705 bytes)    CLEARTONE CM7000 TT CONTROL BOX_IMG.jpg (185006 bytes)    Cleartone CM7000A VHFUHF Mobile Repeater.jpg (153252 bytes)   

Service Manuals

Programming Instructions for Early  Cleartone CM7000-CM7500 VHF-UHF mobiles.

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