Ex Suffolk Police Radio Communications van

This van has a 40 foot air pump up Clarke mast and generator plus air compressor at rear.
Contains three talk-through VHF UHF FM/AM radio systems

Front Dash.
MARCONI RC690 256 Channel Synthesized VHF
Main Scheme set
  control box..

Inside vehicle.
Cleartone VHF UHF CM7000A4 talk-through system.
Marconi RC690 bootset for front Control Box
Burndept  BE540 VHF UHF Repeater - Talk-through Control Box.
Cellphone  and evidence of much later fitting of  Cleartone CM9000 Dolphin TETRA set for early TETRA coverage testing.
Aerial patch panel for getting correct aerial to correct rig and duplexers for single aerial talk-through working.

Rear of Vehicle.

Left Hand Side Rear
Burndept BE536 MU 256 Channel AM 143 MHz - 156 MHz Main Scheme bootset 25 watts output
Burndept BE540 MU 10 Channel Crystal controlled
UHF 450 MHz - 453 MHz / 464 MHz - 467 MHz 20 watts output
Bootset used for talk-through purposes in conjunction with aerials on one of the 2 Clarke masts.

Right Hand Side Rear
Cleartone CM7000A4 Repeater Talk-through system bootset probably used on the other Clarke mast.
Two CLARKE 40ft SCAM  masts air pump-up type.  From air compressor built into rear of vehicle.
Please note one mast removed before being sold by Police.
One Petrol Generator at rear left hand side for all power supplies for all sets, lighting, pump etc.
Large sealed lead acid batteries built in rear for 12 volt back-up operation.

Side of vehicle.
Ladder for access to roof to put aerials on top of masts

Roof of vehicle. 
Callsign for Police Helicopter identification purposes painted on in black
And several whip aerials for all VHF and UHF bands.
Stowage inside for aerials for masts

One aerial (9 element 460 MHz J Beam) still left inside vehicle.

Vehicle engine is petrol 2 litre.

The vehicle probable original cost originally about 35,000.





Original picture of rear of van when it was still in use by Suffolk Police.

BE540 Console


BE540 Repeater Control Box



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