AGB Member Ship

    The club AGB is open, and joint the AGB can any amateur radio, not only from Belarus can.

    For the introduction the following is necessary:

    Whenever possible, at participation in competitions to make a mark on the title page about an accessory to club (Club: AGB-Activity Group of Belarus).

    Whenever possible to send the updated data for AGB-DX-Rating, which will be carried spent annually. Term (deadline) to sent of results till January 20 of the next year.

    Whenever possible to take part in various measures spent by club.

    Whenever possible to take part in AGB Contests.

    The application of the typical form you can receive at EU1EU or from the regional representatives or HERE (Click) -
(Word RTF format - 138Kb in RAR - 51Kb - English - Russian)

=== The format by membership application for AGB ===

Nr_________ LQ__________


Activity Group of Belarus

Membership Application



Date of birth

Licensed HAM since

Member of: 10X#, QCWA#, HSC#, DIG#, AGCW#, UDXC#


Mail address:

E-mail* Phone*

Fax* (* if available)

I state that:

Now I have:

* Remark: The list of my awards, Contest awards and number of confirmed DXCC countries (total and by bands) is attached to this application.

Date "____"_____________19____ Signature__________________

Date "____"_____________19____ AGB-Manager /EU1EU/

=== end of format ===

    To the application the list (or lists) on declared "direction" is applied:

    For Award - List (table) of award (Name, number of award);

    For Contest'ing - List (table) of award (Name of contest, Result);

    For DX'ing - List (table) of confirmed countries of DXCC list. You can make table CFM DXCC per band - this table we will use for AGB-DX-Rating.

    On the basis of the declared data, the club parameter of a degree of a level " - LQ - " Letter Quality " is awarded " to you. There are "A" -Award, "C" -Contest'ing, "D" -DX'ing. At performance of all conditions - A, C, D - to you is awarded LQ = "Q" -Quality. These parameters were successfully used in club competitions in 1994-1998 years. It would be desirable to hope - their use will renew in the future. There is an opportunity of change LQ being in club. For this purpose it is enough to send the letter with the new data.

    However there is a certain category of the amateur radio, which for any reasons can not declare the listed data on personal signal. It is the amateurs of VHF, operators of collective radio stations. But all of us know, how frequently these make the amateur radio much for activity not only in any sphere radioamateur, but also for popularization of amateur radio. For correction of a situation is entered categories LQ = "S" -Special. It is given out on the basis of the differential approach to the application.

    The information on the new members of club is possible on round tables of club:

    On Thursdays, 3686 in 1830 UTC (in the winter Time) and in 1730UTC (in the summer Time).

    The application about the introduction in AGB you can send:

    By mail on the address EU1EU (to send only applications without investments - Post officers of Belarus everyone withdraw, and the letters "are lost").

    By mail on the address LY2MW (it is possible to send both application and investments for the diploma of the member of club).

    On email for EU1EU (can use before the special specifications any of the following addresses: [email protected] or [email protected] ) This variant is very good not only for variant of reception of membership without the Diploma about membership. It also is good for specifications and establishments of good contact (the mail Belarus works poorly and the part of the letters is lost). After an establishment of contact and specification of the necessary data, you can at desire to send payment of manufacturing of the diploma of membership on negotiated to the address (probably to regional representative). A paper copy with your original signature and lists you are obliged to send by mail. About it we shall talk in correspondence.

    Knowing features of the Internet and criterion of development of business on the basis of the Internet, I count, as we should better use the Internet and messages large (if there is an opportunity - all) correspondence on email and use Web-sites.

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