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    This rating will be carried out since 1994. The first years the calculation of glasses was another. Now we use the table for AGB-DX-Rating and we see changes in interest to DX'ing. This measure well strengthens those hunters for DX by stations, who wants to have many countries not only " on all bands ", namely " on each of all bands ".

    The principle of the given calculation of glasses consists in increase of densities of the confirmed country under the list DXCC. Each country on a bands 160, 80 meters not so easily turns out, as on 15 or 20 meter bands. Besides the list of the countries is limited. Therefore when we come nearer to filling the list, each country proves to be true more difficultly. It not only the philosophical question, is a reality. Therefore knowing this feature DX'ing IT IS IMPOSSIBLE simply to summarize the confirmed countries on bands, irrespective of a band. It is similar to folding in one basket of fire wood both brushwood for a fireplace and crystal glasses and gold things. It not the master's approach.

    Therefore of years five back Igor “Harry” EU1EU together with Grigori EW3LB have undertaken development and experiment of new technology of calculation of glasses for activity in DX'ing. Disputes and questions was much, but the offered system for today while has shown itself from the best party.

    We would be grateful to you for the offers on development given systems. You can it apply among familiar or in your club. The results would be interesting also to us. Send please.

    We shall be glad, if you will send yours given for participation in ours AGB-DX-Rating.

    Annually we make results on the basis of the sent mail. A deadline at up to January 20. This term is good by that. That the data on January 1 of each year are sent by our participants and we receive them by January 20. The data can be sent by mail on the address EU1EU: P.O.Box 143, MINSK-5, 220005, BELARUS or on email [email protected]


Table of AGB-DX-Rating

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