Software for ARI International DX Contest

At the moment there are various ways to handle the ARI DX Contest on the computer. Many programs are available to meet all of the participants' needs. Part of this software is FREEWARE: that is, it can be freely copied and distributed without expense, Other programs, however, must be bought.

These are the programs which directly handle ARI DX or can easily be adapted to it:

ARIDX by UA1AAF (freeware, download it from this page)

RTTY by WF1B (for RTTY only, freeware, download it from this page)

TR by N6TR (it can be bought on

CT by K1EA (freeware, download it from

SuperDuper by EI5DI (freeware, download it from

Writelog for Windows (it can be bought on

N1MM Contest Logger  (freeware, download it from

RCKLOG by DL4RCK (it can be bought on

RCKRTTY by DL4RCK (it can be bought on

MixW by UT2UZ (it can be bought on

AALog by RZ4AG (it can be bought on

Gen Log by W3KM (freeware, download it from

YPLog by VE6YP (it can be bought on

Lux-Log by LX1NO (freeware, download it from

CQ Log by RA3DCT (it can be bought on

UcxLog by DL7UCX (freeware, download it from




One of most used program is UA1AAF. It is an excellent program written by Boris, UA1AAF, to handle ARI International DX Contest. It can simulate K1EA or N6TR workings; it will be possible to connect the RTX to the computer using a standard interface in such a way as to transmit directly in CW from the keyboard; most of the controls are like K1EA's CT and N6TR's TR ; on line help provides almost all the information necessary for using the program. Is possible to insert QSO after the contest. An appropriate utility in included for conversion in ADIF format. The program is very small and therefore works without any problems on any IBM compatible computer with DOS 3.3 and over or Windows 95/98.




by WF1B

The WF1B software for organizing RTTY Contest, allows for, among the things, the ARI DX. Now this program is freeware and can be freely downloaded and installed without need of passwords or registration. It works perfectly well, both on DOS or Windows 95/98. It is among the most used programs for RTTY and is very simple to use, every by the most inexpert. For this program we setup a special page with some additional information: click here.



The N6TR's TR isn't freeware and must be bought. At the moment this program manages the majority of contests - practically all existing ones because it's configurations is extremely flexible and you can organize the ARI DX without any difficulties.


by K1EA

The K1EA's CT is the best know and most used contest management program. It is freeware from 2003 and, therefore, can easily downloaded form the internet and used without problems. This program DOES NOT directly handle the ARI DX. However, it's possible to use in DXPN mode and log the QSOs in SSB and CW. Obviously this means that scoring isn't accurate but this is not a problem, just submit your .ALL file or the .RES file (use B2R9.EXE for the conversion). PLEASE DO NOT edit the ASCII files.

EI5DI's SuperDuper is another nice software that handles all the most important contests including ARI DX. Starting from May 2004 it is freeware and it can be downloaded free. Click here to see the configuration information..

Writelog for Windows is a modern program for organizing all major contest in SSB, CW and RTTY. It's work with any version of Windows, but is not freeware and must be bought. It can be used with MMTTY for decoding RTTY via the computer sound card. The resulting configuration is a little mechanical but the software is trouble free and works well.

N1MM did a log which is practically a free Writelog clone available for all users. It works on any version of Windows and handles SSB, CW and RTTY contest. It also requires a bit of configuring time and uses the computers sound card for a variety of activities.

It's a great program to handle SSB and CW contests. It allows the control of the radio directly from the computer keyboard and it has real time PacketCluster™ capability. It is another NON freeware program and therefore must be bought.

RCKRtty is a comprehensive program for logging and administration of RTTY, PSK31, PSK63, Pactor, Amtor and CW QSOs with simultaneous control of transceiver and real-time operation of packet radio.

RCKRtty supports normal QSO operation and also features a full contest mode with several TNC types and PC-Sound cards.

It's a new program written by Nick, UT2UZ and Denis, UU9JDR. Using separate modules for each contest, it handles almost all the contest on all modes, including a large variety of digital modes. It is another NON freeware program and therefore must be bought. A free trial version can be downloaded and it will work for 15 days.


by RZ4AG

A comprehensive logger program designed for amateur radio station operators. It has convenient interface, a good set of tools, and is fast and very easy to use. It looks like your paper logbook and uses all power of your computer. It can be integrated with the CW terminal program CwType, morse decoder CwGet and RTTY/PSK31 software TrueTTY. Also you can use AAVoice for voice operations. AALog is compatible.
GEN LOG by W3KM is a freeware program designed to do contest logging and some general logging. It is not a general logging program with award tracking etc. but is mainly a contest logging program. Currently (Apr 2009) it supports 320 VHF/HF contests.
YPlog for WIN95/98/ME/NT/2K is a ham radio logging and radio control program. The control panel works with all Icom, Kenwood, some Yaesu and Ten-Tec radios. If no compatible radio is available, the logging features may be used without a radio connected. Extensive contesting features are included for many international contests. It handles about 70 contests. It is another NON freeware program and therefore must be bought. A shareware version is available but many features are disabled.
Lux-Log is Hamware which means, if you are a HAM, you are not required to pay any fee in order to use it. You are not allowed to ask any so-called contribution while distributing except to cover mail expenses. These must not exceed the value for a normal letter. You are not allowed to change any of the accompanying components (except LUX_LOG.INI and the wave files) and any distribution of the package has to be done as it. Removing or adding modules has to be discussed with the author. You may not claim the author responsible for any loss of data due to program failure as a result of third party manipulation. Lux-Log must not be distributed on commercial media (i.e. CD-ROM, DVD) without a written permission of the author.
CQ Log is the powerful logging program. It is the total control center for everyday on-the-air activities. Full-featured logging of QSOs; statistics for many awards; support for QRZ, RAC, and GOLIST databases; DX-Calendar with search of spots. Contest mode. It's possible to save up to 3 pictures for each SSTV-QSO. Two-way data exchange with MixW2, and DigiPan. Integrates with DX Atlas. Real-time data export onto RIG control, DX-managers database, printing of QSL-labels and much more.


Freeware Log and Contest Program

UcxLog is another of the new freeware software that con be found on the web. It handles many contests including ARI DX and it has a lot of great features. It handles RTTY contests if used with MMTTY engine.


  • Download UA1AAF's program for ARI International DX Contest (Last 2005 Version)

  • Download RTTY by WF1B (version 5.02)

  • Download English manual for RTTY by WF1B

  • Download UA1AAF's program for Russian DX Contest