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    de Tony, VE6YP

    2002/Oct/073: Restore YPlog 4.48 because of bugs in YPlog 4.49. Please replace your existing 4.49 version with the older 4.48 version.

    Moe Wheatley's (AE4JY) excellent WinPSK has been integrated with YPlog for partially automated log entry. If you wish to use WinPSK with this new version of YPlog please download both YPlog and WinPSK. The WinPSK feature is available to all users - you do not have to be "registered".

    Also visit Glen Hansen's (KD5HIO) HamScope system for PSK31, CW, and other modes. This is also based on WinPSK and is nicely integrated with YPlog.

    Visit Mako Mori's (JE3HHT) MMTTY site to download the the MMTTY engine if you wish to use MMTTY with the YPlog rtty system.

    This site is mirrored on

    YPlog for WIN95/98/ME/NT/2K is a ham radio logging and radio control program. The control panel works with all Icom, Kenwood, some Yaesu and Ten-Tec radios. If no compatible radio is available, the logging features may be used without a radio connected. Extensive contesting features are included for many international contests

    For registered users, YPlog has the latest Version 4 features. If you are a new unregistered user, YPlog is restricted (i.e. the cw keyboard, contesting, and a few cosmetic features are disabled). After registration, YPlog is automatically upgraded to use contesting and other extended Version 4 features. The registration fee is $50.00 US. If you wish, you may read the shareware information.

    Logging features include contesting, cw/ssb keyboard messages, PSK31 support, RTTY, log printing, grey line (sun terminator) image of the earth, CDROM (Amateur Radio Call Book, Buckmaster & QRZ) call books, beam headings, dup-checking, QSL label printing, and export to database. Award tracking is provided for DXCC, ITU/CQ zone, IOTA. Grid Locator, and Counties. File import and export is possible with ADIF or delimited files. Multiple computers can be networked for SO2R type of operation or to share devices such as packet cluster access or rotator control.

    Contesting features include 70 contests in the contest calendar, complete display of points and multipliers, fully networked multi-multi or multi-2 contesting with automatic sharing of log data, simple button clicks update one or all stations on the network with shared log information in case a computer has been off-line for a period of time, multiple Cabrillo submission formats, cw keyboard with call send-ahead features, and complete confguration of the contest keyboard including TR and CT style layouts. RTTY contesting is fully supported with the option of using traditional TU's, smart TNC's or sound card systems such as MMTTY.

    Device support includes TR-compatible cw keying and band switching using the LPT port, SO2R control using the Top-Ten devices DX-DOUBLER, internal W9XT digital voice keyer, external voice keying, various forms of PTT control, and cw keying using a sound card.

    The YPlog program is unique in that it supports the OK1RR DXCC country resolution files. This provides an extraordinary amount of information about call prefixes world wide and may be the best historical DX compendium available.

    Two possibly useful (freeware) programs may be downloaded. The coaxtrap file computes design parameters for coaxial traps. The azimuth file displays and prints an azimuth (beam heading) and Mercator maps of the world from your QTH. The map may be plotted on meter-wide paper with good resolution. It can also be used to create repeater maps for your country or province.  

    After downloading, unzip into a temporary directory. Start the installation by running  Setup.exe in the temporary directory. After installation, the contents of the temporary directory can be deleted. The programs may be removed with Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs.

    The programs run with Win/95, Win/98, WinME, Win2K and Win/NT. A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 is recommended however 800x600 is acceptable.

    Comments and suggestions regarding these programs are very welcome.

    The WEB downloadable edition of YPlog may be registered to enable all features for a registration fee of $50.00 US. If you wish, read the shareware information.

    New YPlog Version 4 Features

    Radios supported: all Icom, Ten-Tec and Kenwood radios. The Yaesu FT1000, FT1000MP, FT100, FT817, FT990, FT847, FT890 and FT990. are also supported.

    The V4 version of YPlog may be downloaded from this page. If you are a registered user with a valid registration key you may install these programs with all Version 4 features available.

    If you are not registered the YPlog execute with most features useful for DX logging and PSK31. However, the following are disabled:

    07-June-2002 V4.49:

    • Fixed the rules set and programme changes for the Commonwealth Jubilee contest

    12-May-2002 V4.48: