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The Corvette became hisgtory RIP on February 8, 2017. Thanks to the air bag I only had a minor arm bruise.
Click AA5VU for a view Texas ham plate now on the Ford Edge.

Misc. Notes and Comments:

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Welcome to my attempt at a web page.   All html errors are mine as this is a roll-your-own page prepared with a Macintosh text editor.  To quote Andy Rooney (SK), "Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make easier don't need to be done."

Cool picture of the Austin, TX BATS exiting the Congress Street bridge to pig out on Mosquitoes. City-Data blurb on Austin, TX.

Austin, TX with a SNOW dusting without rain on 4-Feb-2011. The Austin, Texas summer of 2011 was recorded as the hottest ever summer in US history with 96 days over 100 Deg-F. Any rain here is big deal!

Check out the semi-famous Welcome to Texas road sign as we entered the state on I-10 from LA. When in South Texas, you need to visit Luckenbach

Picture of the five Hams in our family.

Ham Radio Related:

A brief narrative of my ham radio background and interests are outlined on the AA5VU  blurb on the QRZ.COM. I am a native Texan from Dallas, BA North Texas, ex USAF Contracting Officer, ex Motorola and retired trapper from Lockheed Martin. A member of the CTDXCC Central Texas DX & Contest Club and the American Radio Relay League ARRL.

Like many other amateur operators I enjoy working DX. This is a link to a table showing the AA5VU DXCC Countries (or entities) confirmed and worked as of 9-Nov-2017. Included below the DXCC table is a blurb about my participation in the 2014 ARRL Centennial QSO Party. In addition, I had fun as one of the 2014 W1AW/P Texas stations. Yes, I upload all QSO's to the ARRL's LoTW.

For 2018 I am learning how to use WSTJ-X in FT8 mode for the ARRL's International Grid Square event. I was active in the 2016 ARRL National Parks on the Air NPOTA event with an objective to stay near the top of the Leader Board for Texas in 2016. On 4-Sep-2016 I past a big milestone with the LoTW Confirmation of 400 Park units confirmed. As of 31-Dec-2016 I had 441 units confirmed confirmed on LoTW and #6 from Texas. The NPOTA event was fun and is missed.

My rig is the Kenwood Model TS-590SG  HF + six meter transceiver with the SO-3 TCXO that replaced a TS-570S(G)   that served me well for years. For reference the Barry Murrell, AZ2EZ TS-590 Resources Page is the one-stop source of information on the TS-590S or TS-590SG.   In addition, I use an Ameritron ART-15 Tuner and an AL-80B Amplifier when needed to work a new one. This is picture of the Antennas used at AA5VU. TNX to Hurricane Harvey the pictured fan dipole was replaced with a Alpha-Delta 40/80 dipole in 2017.

One of my favorite ham radio modes is RTTY and I use a 27-inch Apple 3.7 GHz i7 iMac Macintosh computer. The iMac uses macOS 10.13.3 (High Sierra) and/or Windows 7; however, I prefer to stay with native Mac applications. In addition to the iMac, my XYL uses a 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop, an iPhone and a iPad2.

For RTTY, BPSK and other digital modes I use fldigi  (Fast Light DIGItal modem application)that runs on Linux, OS X, Windows XP and Vista. The application was developed and is maintained by Dave W1HKJ .   Checkout this Mac OS X Screenshot showing fldigi just after a PSK31 QSO. This is an annotated screen shot showing an fldigi frequency check of the Kenwood TS-590S calibration to WWV. This a more recent picture of fldigi being used to calibrate the TS-590SG

The AA5VU Operating Position and AA5VU QSL Card  showing the usual brag stuff.

On 4-Feb-09, I completed the ARRL Triple Play Award #122 that started on 1-Jan-09 to WAS (Work All States) on CW, Phone and Digital with all QSO's confirmed using the ARRL's LoTW (Logbook of The World).

On 30-Jul-2011, I received a First Place, Single Operator, Mixed mode, High Power, STX Section, Zone 7 award certificate from the ARRL for the 2010 IARU HF World Championship. contest. Most of the QSO's were CW with a few Phone. No RTTY QSO's!

On 27-Aug-2014 Ward N0AX published my tip in the ARRL Contest Update about using a Fuze Tap to easily tap your vehicle's fuse block>. The tip was posted in the July 2015 QST Hints and Kinks.

This is a copy of my tip for a DX Quick Check published on page -73- of the November 2012 issue of QST. I find the listing useful and it is used daily.

In 2008 I was pleased to receive two First Place - South Texas contest award certificates. One was for the 2008 ARRL RTTY Roundup contest and the other was for the 2008 ARRL 160 Meter contest. A wallpaper addition came from USAA in April 2012.

I log all QSO's in fldigi and export them to LoTW and to Aether  by Andrew AC7CF for the station log.

My on-the-air numbers are: FT8 #1839, 30 Meter Digital Group #395, Ten-Ten #27820, Hellschreiber (or Feld Hell) #291 and PSK31 070 Club #612.

This is the Yaesu FT-8800R dual band mobile rig that replaced the Kenwood TM-733A in Jan 2006.   Check out the FT-8800R lap desk installation.   When I have a passenger, the FT-8800R rides the hump. The lap desk came from Target and the red elastic straps are a great mic holder.  This is the generic Dual-band mag mount antenna in the hatch area. Not the best but it works.

Dave K3DCW, maintains the Mac Ham Radio web page devoted entirely to amateur radio operators using Macintosh computers. Check the site for the latest OSX ham software.

For DX support I connect the dx.n8noe.us AR-Cluster in Waterford, MI.   To find an AR-Cluster node in your area click on this DX Cluster Telnet Directory .   If you are a Mac user, I suggest using the DX Cluster feature in W1HKJ's fldigi or his standalone Flcluster.

In 2005 I volunteered for the American Red Cross training program and became an Operator/Driver of an Emergency Communications Response Vehicle (ECRV).   This is me standing next to one of the ECRVs and this is a picture of the American Red Cross in Emergency Communications Response Vehicle  (ECRV) Number 4707 deployed to support a tornado DR at Eagle Pass, Texas. On February 21.2013, the American Read Cross announced the decision to phase out the ECRVs.

Additional ECRV pictures: The Super Class   A view of the ECRV roof; and other views showing the cockpit radios and back seat goodies . Yes, there are more rigs than antennas and the need for the large coax patch panel in the upper rear.

March 8, 2000 was a very sad day. It was the day sold the Suzuki Intruder 14000 motorcycle.

Take a break and check out the Scariest Path in the World called El Chorro in south of Spain. Then check out Skywalk at Mt Hua, otherwise known as the Most Dangerous Hike in the World in China. Finally this is Long video clip about Climbing a1,786 Foot Tall Tower video clop.

Fun Stuff: Check out the fastest INDUSTRIOUS CLOCK by Yugo Nakamura who had too much time on his hands. Watch seconds to years scroll to the left on the CRAZY CLOCK and yes there are even BAR CODE and PEOPLE clocks.


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