The Plans

All the activity was planned during the summer season, my business don't allow any another period, from 27 July 1997 to 9 August 1997, SSB and RTTY from 10m to 160m excluding 30m. I did manage to be ready to any situation to install the antennas because I didn't have any previous information of which kind of place could be available. The only one request was to have assigned a quiet bungalow without neighbors avoiding any interference during the night pile-up. Due flight freight problem, no more that 20Kg/person, I was also in touch to found a solution for my overweight baggage, I was only 25Kg over the limit, but with the help of the Travel Organization and flight company we have fixed also this problem. I had ordered a special carrying case in aluminum for the antenna and some spare part. My goal was to have all the station in two baggage, these antenna case and a usual flying handbag for the fragile equipment. The antenna carrying case has been builded from a little company near my city, that produce a limited number of any kind of carrying case, based on my measurement that including little bit more space for transporting the antenna, some aluminum tube as antenna support, cramps , coax cable, and some spare part. The Handbag seem not very large, but I fitted it with : Amplifier, Radio, Power Supply, accessories, footswitch, solder, screwdriver, connectors and some little parts.





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