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Starting to analyze the condition in the first days, I founded that in the morning there are not condition for EU or JA, my wife was happy of this, around 12.00z the high bands opens to JA, quite good signal on 15m and 12m and sometimes on 10m. In the meanwhile the EU coming on, not too strong but workable, I often trying to QSY on 12m or 10m, but only one day I had a good open on 10m with EU, good open means 20 QSO !!! The 12m was very unpredictable, frequently the band sound close, but if I move someone to try the QSO it' s appear a band without station !! In the late afternoon I moved to 17m, to collect JA,EU and USA at the same time, quite strange, but really !! The 20m band was the queen band, around the 50% of my 6026 QSO was on this band, when the sunset drop down, the EU and the JA coming over 9+ and I had frequently worked split due the huge pile-up, around 17.00z the band start to open to USA, but unfortunately the condition was very poor, my signal was not so strong to be readable in all part of the State, seem that some area was preferred, I worked a lot of W6 in California, K5 in Arkansas, an W0 in Colorado, some W4 but no W1 or W8/9. I apologize about this, but all the time that the band sounded better for USA I stopped the EU pile-up looking for any USA, only a couple of day I had a decent pile-up but no more that 200 QSO !!! The 40m band was good, the omnipresent EU , JA and VK with a big surprise from 3D2 , some problems with the Nets everyone wants sked for his particular net, but it's a pratice that I don't agree, if someone want make the QSO he will use all his acknowledged strategy to make it, I think that the help of anyone is unsportman . The last 2 band was my night devil, with the dipole on 80m at only 15m above the ground level I thinked that there want not many chance to listen me, but unexpected my signal was good, not loud, but very readable , since I needed to work split also on this band for EU and JA, with a frequently check on 3799 for VK and ZL. By the way 80m was the band with more VK worked !!! Top Band was not really planned, it's depend from space availability for a top loaded vertical or an inverted vee, but no way so the only one solution was to elongate the 80m dipole tuning it on 160m. Yes I know if it's was low for 80m it's too low for 160m, but I had a lot of request of top band activity, so the last night I was ready for the big night. At that latitude ad at this time of the year the QRN is very heavy, with 9+20 of noise could be very difficult to listen something. Any way I start CQ 1840 listen 5 up at 19.30z at ZL sunrise, but nothing, waiting one more hour for VK6/VK2 , nothing heard, only a couple of ZS showing up, well I starting to think that the antenna had a very poor efficiency. The EU sked was at 22.00z, I start to listen someone, but they don t' listen me, around 22.45z they starting to listen me, first one was I4AVG, IV3TAN, but the surprise coming when a couple of OH guys give a real 59 report, from that moment I started to work several EU, mainly North EU, and the condition has was appeared was disappeared , only one hour of good opening, I called CQ for one more hours but no more takers.


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