To install WSJT for the first time, download the file WSJT470.EXE and execute it to install WSJT to a directory of your choice. Be sure to print and read the manual, which is included in the distribution.
If you have already installed WSJT, you can upgrade to the current version by downloading and executing UPD470.EXE. Versions 4.0 and later will not overwrite an installed version of WSJT 3.x. You may, for example, have versions 3.8.1 and 4.6.0 installed at the same time, which will give you access to JT44 as well as the newer JT6M, JT65, and FSK441 modes.

SimJT is a new program (April 2004) that allows you to generate JT65 and CW wave files with specified message content, S/N, and other relevant parameters. It is useful for testing relative sensitivities of these modes under carefully controlled conditions. Click here for the SimJT User's Guide.

Current program downloads:

1. Full WSJT 4.7.0 installation  : WSJT470.EXE (6.9 MB)
2. Update to v4.7.0  :  UPD470.EXE (1.5 MB)
3. SimJT version 0.5.0  :  SimJT050.EXE (0.4 MB)

Archival downloads:

1. Full WSJT 3.0 installation: WSJT300.EXE (5.7 MB)
2. Update to v3.8.1: UPD381.EXE (0.7 MB)
3. Command-line program to generate an audio file with your station's CW identification CWID.EXE (0.3 MB)
4. System file: MSCOMCT2.OCX (0.6 MB)

View the WSJT Version History here

The principal user documentaion for WSJT is an 18-page WSJT 4.6 User's Guide. It contains all you need to know to use the program.

The much longer Version 3.0 User's Guide and Reference Manualis also still available. It includes many details about how WSJT works.

It is hoped to make a new Technical manual available before long. For now, there is a brief document outlining the Technical Specifications of JT65.

. A test file of JT65 EME signals at –26 dB from DK8ZJ, recorded by DL1GGT, can be downloaded by clicking on DL1GGT.WAV.

Visit Joe Taylor K1JT's WSJT Homepage


Download Dimension 4 Internet time calibration software

Download NMEATime GPS time calibration software

Download QuickMix Soundcard utility

Download WinGrid (a simple utility for calculating your gridsquare)

Download an updated callsign.txt file for WSJT, containing a comprehensive list of all known South African operators as well as most of the known WSJT EME operators. Provided by Hal Lund ZS6WB.