ZS1AU Operating and QSL Information

Operating Frequencies

My DX operation is exclusively on SSB where I operate the following nets daily:

  • 14.245 MHz Bill Bennett

  • 14.164 MHz ANZA Net

  • 14.222 MHz ZL/YL Net

I can also be found on:

  • 14.140 MHz

  • 14.147 MHz

  • 14.170 MHz

I spend time on 21 and 28 MHz when the conditions are favourable and enjoy working 28 MHz when that band is open.

Operating Times

Most of my DX operating takes place between 0530 - 0630Z and 1930 - 2100Z.


I have skeds with the following stations, some over many years:

  • K4EQC

  • VE1WC

  • VE3AS

  • VE9MM

  • ZL1AV

QSL and Email Addressess

QSL cards may be sent to me via the buro or directly to my home address:

8 The Paddocks
Bowlers Avenue
Republic of South Africa

I QSL via the buro of the South African Radio League or direct if requested by the DX station.
View an example of
my QSL card.

My email address is [email protected] and I would enjoy receiving your mail.

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