ZS1AU Amateur Radio History

Operating Awards

The following DX awards were obtained over my years of operating.

Joseph White Award - Obtained three times
Leeb Dutoit Mobile Trophy - All  SARL contests
Hunting Lions - Fifth in world placings
Hunting Lions - First in ZS placings
WAZL Award - Only ZS with this award
Christchurch Garden City Award - First ZS with this award
Calgary Stampede City Award - First ZS with this award
Barney Joel Mobile Trophy - First ZS to work mobile to mobile between continents
Illuminated Address from Cape Town Branch of South African Radio League

Operating Highlights

I have had many operating highlights over the years, but two occasions stand out.

I had an interesting contact with King Hussein JY1 on 14MHz on 24 December 1987 and was delighted to receive his QSL card. This card is displayed at my operating desk.

Another highlight was to witness the development and construction of Sunsat at the University of Stellenbosch and then the launch on television. I used to operate through Sunsat with my handheld transceiver when the satellite was still active.

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