Radio Amateurs Examination Course

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From time to time I run courses for the Radio Amateur's Examination (RAE) on behalf of my club, the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre. My next course will probably start in February 2005 for the May examination.

As part of my portfolio of Education Councilor for South African Radio League I am also writing a set of course notes covering the topics in this program, which I hope will become the standard text for the South African RAE. These notes should be available from the SARL by January 2005. The provisional table of contents is as follows.

  1. Introduction to Amateur Radio
  2. Basic Electrical Concepts
  3. Resistance and Ohm's Law
  4. The Resistor and Potentiometer
  5. DC Circuits
  6. Power in DC Circuits
  7. Alternating Current
  8. Capacitance and the Capacitor
  9. Inductance and the Inductor
  10. Tuned Circuits
  11. Decibel Notation
  12. Filters
  13. The Transformer
  14. Semiconductors and the Diode
  15. The Power Supply
  16. The Bipolar Junction Transistor
  17. The Transistor Amplifier
  18. The Oscillator
  19. Frequency Translation
  20. Modulation Methods
  21. The Transmitter
  22. Receiver Fundamentals
  23. The Superheterodyne Receiver
  24. Transceivers and Transverters
  25. Antennas
  26. Transmission Lines
  27. Propagation
  28. Interference and Electromagnetic Compatibility.
  29. Measurements
  30. Rules and Regulations
  31. Operating Procedures