Dassen Island 2002 Photo Album

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Yours truly, excited and somwhat damp, arriving at Dassen Island

We gratefully accepted a lift to the lighthouse
in the Nature Conservation department's pick-up truck

The signpost at the entrance to the nature reserve

Putting up the antennas at sunset

On the air at last!

Dassen Island Lighthouse

My YL Stacey ZR1SC at the top of the lighthouse

A view of the island from the lighthouse
We stayed in the house on the right

Our antennas - a 15m dipole running from left to right and a ZS6BKW inverted
V looping up from the foreground. At the top of the mast is a half-square for 2m

A penguin couple which was nesting a few metres from our front door

The Jetty - it looks like I'm trying to hitch a ride home!

Stacey aboard "The Saint" for the trip home