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My main web site is at http://www.webs4u.co.nz and covers things like my Commodore Home Computer Museum, Vintage Computer Collectors, Alan's Hints 'n Tips, NZ Currency, Bus Stop Art around Dunedin, and so on.   Feel free to check it out. Alan ZL4PZ

Alan - ZL4PZ

A Brief Introduction

Hi, my name is Alan.    Greetings from Fairfield in the City of Dunedin, New Zealand.    My wife Jeanne is also a ham, being of the opinion that if you can't beat 'em - join 'em.    We also decided that if a thing is worth doing, then let's get 'into it' and both aspired to Grade I amateur licenses. Being a ham of over 30 years on air I have 'had a go' at most ham activities.    From the start I used CW on a regular basis but also frequented various nets to check out what others were doing and to make a lot of ham friends.   I progressed to RTTY and worked many countries in that mode.    The Packet Radio Bulletin Board was also a mode which I found useful and although I was one of the local 'Sysops' I no longer participate these days.
Both of us have been on executive of various Branches of the New Zealand amateur association and also served on the council of NZART.   In later years (before retiring) I was involved with computers both selling and servicing and as a retirement project I have built up a computer museum to preserve the range of Commodore computer products.

Read all about "Amateur Radio as I saw it" by ZL4PZ

Still more to do on this though as I got side-tracked about 1993 and have since created a computer version of the "History of the Otago Branch NZART Inc." consisting of over 1300 pages, 2000 images, 260 ZL4 amateur profiles, 600 ZL4 QSL cards and still growing. I later changed name to "Amateur Radio - south of the Waitaki" to better reflect the broader material contained within.

See more on this at http://www.webs4u.co.nz/history/.

Feel free to also visit my Commodore Home Computer Museum (NZ) another interest of mine.
Awarua Radio - VLB - ZLB
for some history of this Coastal Radio Station in Southland.



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