Amateur Radio as I saw it.


An introduction into amateur radio as a hobby and the reason I started this project in the first place.

The First Seeds
Where my interest in things relating to electricity and radio all started. The suggestion that I should be able to do the amateur radio examination without bother due to the fact that I was interested in things electrical.

My First 12 Months as a Ham
My first radio transmitting equipment - first contact on air and lots of other new experiences.

Coming of Age
My first contact with overseas countries on the HF (High Frequency) bands.
Radio club field days, involvement in club and association executive and some of the various amateurs I have been privileged to know.

Publications with references to NZ hams.

"Ham Shacks, Brass Pounders & Rag Chewers"

"Southern People"

Amateur Radio - south of the Waitaki
A CD-ROM with over 1300+ pages, 2000+ images, 590+ ZL4 QSL card images, 260+ Personalities and Profiles, 5 hours of audio interviews and much more.