Projects by Ross Whenmouth ZL2WRW

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ATmega8 based Bell202 AFSK Baycom(R) compatible modem (the mcu is used as a DSP - no special modem chips are used) - this project is working on the air, but needs to be cleaned up for publication.

Home brew Programming interface for the Maxon SD-125 data transciever

An PC<->Radio audio interface/VOX for use with Thomas Sailer's soundmodem code - writeup not completed yet

ATtiny15L based Repeater Battery Monitor

AT90S2313 based DTMF decoder/relay driver (uses a DTMF decoder IC)

An experiment in controlling the AN6311 PLL IC with an ATtiny2313 mcu

ATtiny2313 based crude K band (24.125 Ghz) Doppler radar which was used in an attempt to measure bullet velocity (until the horn antenna was shot!)

These projects are offered in the hope that they may be useful to you, but if you make use of them, you do so at your own risk. Absolutely no warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied.

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