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Amateur Radio Emergency Communications - AREC

The Papakura Radio Club has an active AREC section. From activities in Civil Defence, Search and Rescue to the communications requirements of the Rally on New Zealand and Rally of Whangarei, both International Car Rallies and other community communications requirements and sporting functions. Our clubrooms are also setup for CD requirenments should that ever become necessary. The AREC Section meets at our clubrooms on any 5th Wednesday on a month at 7.30 pm and all are welcome.



Papakura Radio Club inc AREC.

  Section Leader..   Richard Gamble    ZL1BNQ / ZL1ES     021 729270

  Deputy S/L..           Ian Ashley     ZL1AOX                       09 2981810

Other AREC pages on our site .........


AREC Manual local pages


AREC Training Pictures

Training field camp Hunua, Auckland May 18 - 19, 2002. SAR and CD.

2003.10.12 / 19 AREC Training details & info email form

2004.04.27 AREC Training (Sports type AREC activity) Tuesday


Mobile communications

AREC preferred 12v radio connection

ACTIVITIES..Papakura Radio Club and South Auckland area

2002.04.28 SACC Rally report from Ross, ZL1VRR

Papakura Amateur Radio Club inc. AREC activity 23 January 2010 Hunua bike race

CD and SAR

CD Papakura City Council, South Auckland and the Greater Auckland area information (soon)

SAR general information Including Pics.... (soon)

National AREC Award presentation Including Pics...


Operator Info Form

2010 Rally NZ  
2010 Rally Whangarei  

Past Rallies

2009 Rally Whangarei  
2008 Rally Whangarei  
2008 Rally New Zealand .. Waikato Area .... Additional information added 24.08.08  
2008 RNZ Promo Day 2008.. Mystery Creek  
2007 Rally New Zealand .. Waikato Area  
2007 RNZ Promo Day 15 July .. Mystery Creek  
2007 Rally Whangarei  
2006 Rally Whangarei  
2006 Rally NZ  
2005 Rally of Rotorua  
2005 Rally NZ  
2004 Rally NZ  
2004 Rally NZ ... pics
2004 Subaru Finance / Parker-ENZed Tarmac Rally , Sept.18, 2004, Waikato.



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