WX200 Weather Station
WX200 / WM918 Weather Station

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The Weather stations are made by a company in China called IDT for a German company Huger and in the US for Radio Shack .
It appears that Radio Shack may no longer sell the WX-200 under their cat number of 630-1015, however their Product Weather page is here.
An owner's manual in electronic form is available from the Radio Shack Site.

Oregon Scientific retails the WM-918 version, and their page is here.
Check out Ambient Software's page for more places to get this weather station.

The WM-918 also sold in New Zealand and Australia by a company called Dick Smith Electronics with a catalog number of D3960.

As well as these pages here, there are a number of Web Site around that have information about this Weather Station.
A good source of information is at the CASI Weatherwatchers BBS.
WX200.planetfall.com is another informative site including the 9600 baud Serial Protocol Information used by the WX200 / WM918 which is available here in text format or here for a locally mirrored file (wx200.txt - 12kb size.)


SB Weather downloadable from Scott Baker's download page is a written to run with the WX-200 and includes Client/Server support. You can have the weather station plugged into one computer somewhere on your LAN network, and view the weather information there and on any other LAN connected computer running the software. Also has a LINUX version (wx200d) client for those who use a real operating system....

Weather Display downloadable from Brian Hamilton's download page is another good programme written to run with the WX-200 - Well worth a look. As like most software, he is continually refining it and adding more features as time progresses.

From Ambient Software comes Virtual Weather Station (VWS) 3.3MB -Great Software for Win95, Win98, WinNT, and Win2K including Internet Support.
Captures live data from your weather station and displays colourful graphics on your computer or web site.
A truly great program, Ed at [email protected] offers one of the most well-supported pieces of software around. A discussion group where questions and answers, and other discussion about the software can be asked.

Weather View 32 is a very extensive programme providing for a wide range of weather stations, not just the WM-918. A downloadable trial version is available, however it is quite large, in the order of about 20 Mb.
A smaller, simpler programme, the Active Weather Viewer is a "client" programme that "adds the capability to give visitors to your web site the current weather in near real-time with moving dials and indicators updated every second." It downloads real-time data from WeatherView enabled sites via http and displays it in the program window.
Download here.

The CASI Weatherwatchers BBS has a software page listing some of these and other software available from various authors.

Weather Sites

Chas Rimpo , another ham radio operator, has a good site here

Brian Hamilton has a Web Site with information from a site at the Manukau Heads about 20 miles West of Auckland City in the North Island of New Zealand.

In Wakatane in the Bay of Plenty is a site showing conditions there.
Wakatane is in the Bay of Plenty- on the sea coast North-East of the centre lake Taupo in the North Island of New Zealand.

Dick Smith Electronics has a WM918 located at it's Head Office connected up to it's Bulletin Board .

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