I am
Quentin, ZL1QF Hamming on VHF since 1968! [Previous callsigns, ZL1TMB, ZL1BPW].
My prime Amateur Radio interests:

VHF,UHF, Microwave communication modes.
Amateur Television (ATV). Go to the ATV Users Group.
50 MHz DX.
Digital modes Packet - [email protected]#11.NZL.OC
Propagation and Antenna design.
RF amplifier design.

Affiliations: Radio Clubs:
Auckland VHF Group.
I am the editor of the club newsletter SPECTRUM. downloadArchived copies back to 1996.
It is the news letter of the Auckland VHF Group. It is published monthly and contains club news,
meeting information and articles of technical interest to club members.

Construction Projects for the VHF scene in Auckland.
I have been involved in part or all of construction of:
VHF/UHF beacons on 144.24, 432.24, 1297.15 MHz.
UHF ATV repeater on 615.25* MHz. [*50 cm is a ZL amateur allocation only].
VHF/UHF repeaters.

I am a Mac enthusiast. I have written RF and Antenna software for MacOS.
Radio related Software. Software page under construction.

Ham Ambitions:
Construct more gear! Get a better QTH!

Engineer, Member of the I.E.E.E.

Other Interests of ZL1QF outside Amateur Radio.
Astronomy, member of the Auckland Astronomical Society.
More ocasional rigourous activities: Climbing, hiking, kayaking.

Thanks for reading this page 73 de Quentin, ZL1QF.
Save Ham Radio..keep our bands..transmit on them!