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Welcome to my website and hope you will enjoy your visit. Here you will find some information about my Amateur Radio station and my other interests with some links to other sites that I have found helpful and interesting.
Please note that my new website is continually undergoing development so if you have any ideas, please feel free to contact me. The views and links might change as I make improvements in order to finishing building the website as soon as time permits. Might take a while yet :-)

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The links below are ones that I have found to be useful to me

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General Links
  • VK4ADC - an Australian amateur radio web site
  • YU1AW 6m GI7B Tube amp

Weather Links


Due to other commitments I have not been active over the past year. Wow I never thought that time could go by so fast. I have updated my weather station to Cumulus as I have foud this a much more user friendly option than weatherdisplay which continually crashes on me. It's new so no historical data which is a shame. Also I plan to chanhe the template to a more live screen shortly.
I plan to continue my amplifier builds so hopefully I can get this going by Christmas.
As mentioned I have been inactive due to other commitments and a busted PSU but will be back on air soon and have purchased a Meanwell SMPS rated 40amps. The nice thing about this PSU is the ability to connect up to four modules with inbuilt current sharing capabilities. How it performs I will soon find out. I intend to rebuild my
4 x 7 element LFA as they took a bit of hammering this winter and also put up my 6M LFA.

Just a general photo from a beach visit just North of Auckland

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