Tait T182 Maxiphone VHF Mobile Radiotelephone



The Tait T182 Maxiphone VHF radio was introduced to Police service in 1977-78 and remained in service until the change to FM was completed in 1992. It was the first fully transistorised mobile radio used by the police.

Several versions of the Maxiphone were used. The standard mobile unit was equipped with 12 channels (10 repeater and 2 simplex) and was equipped with a public address system. Early models had a "plug in" microphone.

The maxiphone was also used in the base station role when combined with a mains powered power supply. An ealry base statio unit with six channels, no public address system and an adjustable mute is pictured below.

The maxiphone could also be used a "packset" portable unit.

During the mid 80's an FM version was used in the Northland district to test the FM mode before the commencement of the change to FM nationally.


Early mobile Tait Maxiphone with "plug in" microphone

6 channel Tait Maxiphone base station.