Tait FM Maxiphone mobile radio


This 8 channel FM version of the Tait Maxiphone was used in trials prior to the change of the entire Police Network from AM to FM. It was equipped with 7 repeater and 1 simplex channel. This unit is notable for the use of the telephone style handset rather than the more usual hand microphone.

The Northland District was chosen to test the system, and seven FM repeaters were installed throughout the Northland District and three a
dditional repeaters in the Auckland region (at Torbay, Mt Eden and at Bombay) provided communications for any Northland patrols which had to travel out of their area. These channels were monitored by the Auckland Control room.

Once the FM system had been tested, and approved, the national changeover from AM to FM commenced in the South Island in 1986 progressed Northwards, finally being completed in 1991.

The FM version of the Maxiphone was never used in regular police service as the new FM equipment was the later model Tait T200 FM radio.