Tait T200 FM Mobile Radio  

The Tait T200 was the first standard issue FM mobile radio used in police vehicles. It entered service from the mid 1980's as Police districts from the South to the North of the country progressively converted from AM to FM.

The T200 consists of a remote control unit (RCU) mounted on the vehicle dash, and a boot mounted radio unit. Connectors on the radio unit allow for use with an encryption unit for voice scrambling, and for cross band operation in conjunction with a UHF radio. (To allow rural and dog units to communicate on the VHF channels using a UHF portable radio).

The unit pictured was issued to the Royal New Zealand Airforce for use in UH-1 Iroquois helicopters when engaged in operations with police. The Remote control unit is mounted above the radio unit. To the rear of the RCU is an interface unit allowing operation from the 24 volt aircraft power supply and connection to the crew headsets.