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For years, we are witnessing various speculations about the danger of exposure to radio waves and microwave radiation. So we can often read that the radiation from the cell phone base stations is harmful, and the WiFi routers we have at home are dangerous, than UHF/VHF/HF transmitters are dangerous also, etc.
We could recently read on the internet, that while experimenting with the new 5G technology, there was mass extinction of birds and other living organisms near the 5G-base stations ...

Short reminder: Cell phone base stations emit electromagnetic waves with a frequency about 800 MHz to about 2150 MHz. WiFi routers that we have at home emit electromagnetic waves in the microwave range with a frequency about 2.45 MHz and 5 GHz
More about basic characteristics of electromagnetic waves that includes radio waves and microwaves, you can read on this link.
(it is written in macedonian language, so you can use Google translate).

And now, I will slightly explain how radio waves and microwaves as a part of the electromagnetic spectrum are dangerous, comparing them with other, far more powerful sources of electromagnetic radiation, which almost all of us have in our homes: The infrared heaters for example!



Infrared heaters emit electromagnetic radiation in the infrared range of the spectrum. Infrared rays have a lower frequency than the visible light. The frequency of infrared rays is much higher than radio waves and microwaves, so infrared electromagnetic waves have much greater energy than radio waves and microwaves. In addition, the infrared heaters we use for heating our houses have very high power (2 to 4 kW), and the radiation is additionally amplified with a reflector from behind, and no one complained that he was disturbed or was "irradiated" and felt bad...

However, you can hear very often that "radiation from WiFi routers is dangerous" or "radiation from cell phone base stations is dangerous" or "radiation from radio transmitters is dangerous" ...

Such claims simply do not have a scientific and practical basis, since apart from that the frequency of WiFi routers and radio waves is far lower than the infrared rays (in which warming we enjopy at home during cold days), the power of the infrared heater is much higher (2, 3 or 4 kW, versus <0.1W of WiFi routers)

The electromagnetic waves energy is proportional to their frequency. Electromagnetic waves with higher frequency have more energy.
The radio waves and microwaves (because their frequency is lower) have much less energy than the infrared rays of the electric infrared heater that gives us pleasure warming at home.
Plus, the power of a WiFi router is thousands of times less than an infrared heater...
Therefore, do not trust the various sensationalistic journalistic articles or quasi-experts who want to "become famous" by placing evidence of "deadly radio waves" from cell phone towers and WiFi routers.

There is electromagnetic radiation that is really dangerous and that is ionizing electromagnetic radiation:



The harmful electromagnetic waves have a very high frequency (extremely low wavelength) much smaller than the wavelength of visible light. Dangerous ionizing electromagnetic waves begin already with ultraviolet light and up, towards higher and hugher frequencies of hazardous X-rays and radioactive rays.

In the following table, we can see that the higher the frequency is, the greater the energy they have:



Therefore, my dear ones, be happy ... Electromagnetic radiation from cell phone towers and Wi-Fi routers will not harm you. That is for sure!
They are tens of thousands of times less harmful than an infrared heaters that we use at home, enjoying in their pleasant warm harmless rays.

And another thing: Next time, when someone tells you how dangerous the radio waves and microwave radiation is, remember how much we want to sunbath tanning in summer, in order to get a beautiful dark skin...
The sun has an energy of about 1000 W per m2 of horizontal surface (for the geographic location of Macedonia) and its rays are with a much higher frequency than the radio waves, which means that solar radiation is millions of times more dangerous than a nearby radio station or WiFi router, or the radiation of the cell phone base stations ...

Furthermore, we all have electric lamps at home, at office and almost everywhere, some of which are several times the power of base stations from cellular networks. Lamps emit electromagnetic waves with much higher frequencies than electromagnetic waves on 5G networks. Moreover, our lamps are at home, just above our heads. So no one complained that the lights were dangerous!


The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation (ICNIRP) has issued recommendations on a safe level of electromagnetic radiation based on a range of scientific research and experience. The recommended maximum values ​​of non-ionizing radiation are increasing year by year as it is evident that unlike ionizing radiation, ionizing radiation has no harmful effects on human health. The most damaging thing non-ionizing electromagnetic waves can do is heat the tissue a bit, if they have much more power than is used in 5G networks.
The author of this article, for the purpose of a master's thesis, has carried out a series of scientific measurements and examinations of the maximum values ​​of electromagnetic radiation at the forty most critical points in the city of Stip. The conclusion is that at no point does the value of electromagnetic radiation exceed one tenth of the recommended maximum values ​​by ICNIRP.

At the end:
You may find some research, where there are statements by some surveyed people who say that they have headaches or other harmful manifestations when they are in places radiated by radio waves or microwaves. For harmfulness or not, of the non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation there is a lot of speculations. That is for sure. However, besides pleased warming of human body tissues in the presence of very strong radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves to visible light, there are no other practical and measurable effects to the peoples. The comparison above, that each of us is exposed to extremely strong electromagnetic waves from infrared heaters at home and from the sun outside, (which is very pleasant to us), while the radio waves in the air are millions of times weaker, says enough..
I assure you that if someone claims to have a feeling that radio waves have a negative impact on him, then this is due to his consciousness, continuously exposed to various allegory stories about the "dangerous" radio waves. In science, it is known as "Nocebo effect" and refers to examples in which negative suggestion in some people leads them to really have consequences for their health.

More about the so-called "Nocebo effect" you can read on these links: (1) , (2) , (3) , (4) ...


Mile Kokotov (2018)

The Author has a master`s degree in technical science and 40 years experience in RF-Technology. He is also President of The Radio Amateur Society of Macedonia.

See also other articles and projects on his website

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