Mile Kokotov, M.Sc. is industrial engineer manager and has a master's degree in technical science.

He is born in 1964 in Shtip, Macedonia, where he attended high school and graduated with excellent marks. He then studied at the Faculty of Electro-Technical Sciences (Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje). After that, he studied industrial management in Faculty of natural and technical science (University of Goce Delcev in Shtip). He graduated his bachelor’s degree with a grade point average of 9 out of maximum of 10 and has maintained his excellent grades in his master studies, where his grade point average is 9.65 out of 10.

He develops an interest in electro technical studies and electronic-communications at a very young age. In 1977, at the age of only 13 he joins the radio club "Nikola Tesla" – Shtip, as a result of his great love towards radio communications & electronics. Two years later, in 1979, he becomes a licensed radio operator (category C) and receives a diploma for a successfully passing the beginners exam as Radio Constructor. That same year he makes his first CB transceiver for 27MHz frequency band.

During the 1980’s & 1990’s he is a member of the managing board of the Radio club in Shtip, where he teaches a beginners course in basic electronics & radio technology for young children. During this time, Mile participates in many international competitions in radio communications, construction of radio technology, RF devices and antennas, where he receives recognition, diplomas and awards for his work.

In 1982, while in high school, he creates his first FM Radio transmitter with 2 Watts output power. Only 2 years later, he makes his first TV transmitter. Later that year he wins the top price at a national competition for technical inventions, when he creates a SSB powerful radio station, operating on short waves, for communications with other radio stations across the world. In 1985 he gets licensed as a B class radio operator. 

That very same year, he wins the 1st place in the national Championship in ARDF - Amateur Radio Direction Finding (Radio-Orienteering) in Yugoslavia.
In 1987 he gets his own radio amateurs call sign – YU5GW

In 1988, he successfully passes the highest possible degree radio constructor exam.

His childhood hobby in the area of electronics & communications, soon turns into a lifelong profession.

In the period between 1986 until 1993, he works for the Ministry of Defence (on a job related with electronic communications).
In 1988 he opens his own repair shop for electrical devices, as well as radios and TVs.

As soon as the government passes a legislation allowing ownership of private companies in 1989, he is among the first ones to found a privately owned company for production and distribution of electrical devices and parts. The company that he names TEKO, grows to incorporate alarm systems and electronic devices for the use in industrial manufacturing processes. TEKO’s fire and surveillance alarms receive a state certificate for quality and end up being installed in various state institutions and churches.

In 1989, Mile opens the first private TV Station, called TV Teko, in a time when there are only 2 state-owned TV services in Macedonia: Yugoslavian Radio-Television and Macedonian Radio-Television. In the early days of the TV station, Mile himself manufactures and constructs all the equipment for transmitting and signals-switching. TV TEKO receives its first temporary license for operation by the President of the Executive Counsel of Yugoslavia, Mr. Ante Markovic, who personally comes to visit the TV station in Shtip and gives his first interview in a private TV station in Yugoslavia.

In 1990, on a request by the Shtip born, then President of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Kiro Gligorov, TEKO actively participates in the promotion of the referendum for the independence of the country on the 8th of September. TV TEKO paves the way for the legalization of private media in Macedonia.

After the initial success of TEKO, many other small private TV stations start to appear, many of which rely on Mile Kokotov as a consultant for acquiring the necessary equipment for operation.
In 1990 he designs and supervises the creation of the independent TV station in Prilep, that was inaugurated by Vasil Tupurkovski, a member of the leadership of SFR Yugoslavia. This milestone is of special importance as it marks the first independent media company in Yugoslavia, which was an almost impossible thing to imagine just years before. Mile Kokotov actively participates in the passing of the legislation for private media in Yugoslavia.

That same year Mile participates in the assembly of the electrical equipment of two other private TV stations – TV Suko and TV Mifi, in Tetovo and Gostivar.

In the period between 1990 and 1996, he is a member of the council of the City of Shtip, as elected in the first democratic, multi-party elections. He is also a member of the regional committee for public media.

In 1991 he supervises the construction of TV RiO in Kavadarci and TV Zdravkin in Veles. He does the same thing with TV Pako in Sv. Nikole and TV Zora in Kumanovo.
He is one of the founders of the Association of Private Electronic Media in Macedonia, in 1993.

In 1993, he receives a donation from the International Media Fund from the USA.
That same year he supervises the construction of TV Zeri & TV Hana in Kumanovo.

From 1993 until 2007, he uses the radio amateur call sign Z32GW.
In 1994, he founds TV Iris and becomes a member of the telecommunications committee in the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.
That very same year, on a request by the Sate Telecommunication Company, Telekom-Macedonia (several years before the cellular phones GSM network), he designs and installs one of the first wireless telephone systems in Macedonia, connecting Lesnovo monastery in rural area with wireless telephone line.

In 1994 he receives a Media Grant from the Institute of Open Society – SOROS.
In 1994 he supervises the construction and installation of the radio equipment of Radio La Costa in Vinica.

Interestingly enough, in 1995 Macedonia has the highest number of private TV stations per capita (300 radio & TV stations) that later on, with the development and modification of the legislation in the country, consolidate in several bigger media houses or close down due to the strong market competition.

In 1996, Mile Kokotov found Minikom, a company for production of electrical equipment, industrial automatization and video survailance. Many of the innovations of the company at the time, were installed in the state prison and the main hospital in Shtip.
As part of Minikom, Mile creates a Cable TV Network, that is one of the first Cable TV Operators in Macedonia, which starts with 16 and then grown to 24 channels.

In 1999 he designs and supervises the Cable TV network Kale in Kichevo as well as KDS in Resen.

In 2000, he is co-founder and general manager of the Cable TV network -  Cadis in Skopje.
In 2001 he as a cofounder, also starts the cable tv networks Antenna in Skopje and Kanal 32 in Dracevo and participates in the creaton of Altrasat in Ohrid.

In 2002, Mile start another cable TV network called Cable Fox in Skopje and then goes on to open 2 more such networks in Leskovac and Vranje, Republic of Serbia.

In 2002, he participates in the production of a TV story for CATV and Cable Distribution Systems, as part of the educational program of the Macedonian National TV.

In 2007, while he is general manager in Cadis - Skopje, he received the international award BID – Business Initiative Directions – Gold Category in Paris.
That same year, he passes the radio communications exam Class A, and replaced his personal radio amateur call sign Z32GW with Z33T.
Since 2007 he has worked at several managerial positions in telecommunications companies.

On November 2016, Mile Kokotov was elected for President of The Radio Amateur Society of The Republic of Macedonia.

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