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Sloping Vertical Delta Loop corner feed Antenna, resonant on 7.1 MHz (43.16 m overall length) Top point = 12 meters, lower point = 5 meters above the ground (homemade)

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dl1 dl2 dl3 dl4

My Mini-Whip Active Receiving Antennas for 5 kHz до 30 MHz (homemade). If you want to see how they are made, click here

mw1 mw2

Diamond X-30 dualband VHF/UHF

x30_1 x30_2


J-Pole VHF Antenna for 2m band (homemade)

J-Pole antenna made of 12 mm copper pipe, is mounted on a plastic pole (tube). Contrary to the opinion that J-Pole antenna can be directly grounded on its bottom and mounted to the metal pole, the detailed analysis shows that the J-Pole antenna have to be mounted on a non metal pole. If the antenna is mounted to metal pole, than it participates in the radiation of the antenna and feed impedance is harder to adjust and depends on the particular case, that is, the length of the particular metal pole. One part of the coaxial cable have to be wrapped in few windings to make a coil right next to the feed point, as a RF-choke (balun 1:1). This RF choke will prevent RF-radiation from the outer conductor (shield) of the coaxial cable along its length. Few feritte toroids arround the coaxial cable can be used fot the same purpose.


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