My name is Dan Harabagiu and I am 50 years old (in 2010!) . My QTH is Iasi in NORTH-EST part of Romania .I got my first licences in 1986 as biginer and first class (all band , full power-400 W PEP ! ) in 1997 .
My rig is YAESU FT 101ZD , vertical antenna 12 AVQ , home brew linear amplifier about 400 W PEP . Over allmost 25 years of activity I have worked over 200 countrys and over 100 countrys confirmated (about 13000 QSO's ) ! . To manage so many QSO's I use my own program , YO_LOG , which you can free download from my FreeStuff  page .
Ather hobbys are :home made construction (radio,audio,etc), computers, mountain climb - www.hobby-alpin.ro
Suggestions and comments about my home page and programs or feriendly contact send to [email protected]