YO8RBU free download page !

1.YO_LOG.EXE Ver.1ro =Program executabil de gestiune QSO,QSL,DXCC etc..

2.YO_LOG.FXP Ver.1ro =Susa FoxPro pentru YO_LOG.EXE (ruleaza cu FoxPro 2.0-2.6)

3.YO_LOG.EXE Ver.1eng =Exe program for QSO,QSL,DXCC etc...management

4.YO_LOG.FXP Ver.1eng =FoxPro Code for YO_LOG.EXE (need FoxPro 2.0 or latter)

All version come with a little help file to teach you how to install and how to use this program ! If you find useful this program or you have some comment (+ or-) or you need extra help please send mail to [email protected]