POPEL - International Family.

Branch of Romania

    The branches of the Popel family live in different countries and have different nationalities. From the former Rutenia, Moldavia (Bucovina), Galicia and Halici, in various periods have expanded into the center of Poland, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania.
    In the 19th and 20th centuries, many Popel families emigrated to the US or other continents. This is why the name appears in several variants such as Popel, Poppel, Popell, Popelis, Popiel, Popeil, Popil.
    In fact, all are branches of the same family who now lives in different countries of the world.

    The first historical attestation about name POPEL is found in the Chronicle of the Anonymous Notary of king Bella IV of Hungary. There is the existence of prince Popel who lived around 1380. Coat of arms of the Popel family was SAS (Sas voeivode son of DRAGOS-I voievode ), and later after 14th century and coat of arms SULIMA .
    Many information about the Popel family also appears in the writings of romanian historians such as Alexandru Xenopol, Constantin Filipescu or Nicolae Balcescu. In book "The Romans under Mihai Voievod The Brave, Book III Servagiu, Chapter XXIII, Nicolae Balcescu speaks about the bishop of Agriea, baron Adangelo Popel-Brun which was sent with a message to the court of the Emperor of Austria.
    Here you can find families that wore the SAS blazon, and at letter P you find the Popel family (click over "Coat Arms Coat-description" and then at the bottom of the clik page on the phrase "Families using coat of arms SAS").
    An ancestor of the Popel family (sculptor Antoni Popiel- born on June 13, 1865 in Szczakowa) was married to a lady from the Marconi family. He married in 1895 with lady Maria Cipriana Marconi, a daughter of professor Marconi, and went to 2-year trip to Florence. I believe, from here, I have the passion for radio and telecommunication.

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