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 - My name : Sorin Flonta 
 - My qth     : city of Beius ( KN16EQ ), 60km sud-est of Oradea.
 - Engineer of automation and industrial informatics, I degree the Faculty of Electrotechnics and Informatics, Specialization Automation and Industrial Informatics, in University of Oradea .
 - Lucrare de diploma - Sistem de comunicatii intre calculatoare, in transmisie radio pachet
 - My condition :
                              HF Tx/Rx h.m. Atlas 412
                                   Liniar 100w (2*GU50)
                                   80m 2 x LW, 40m Inv, 12AVQ
                                   Power Meter TOS-3 from President
                              VHF RTP-4MF 0.5w 
                                      RTM-4MF 10w 
                                      YAGI 9 el., J-POLE 2m & 70 cm 
 - Computer K6 II/ 233, Hdd 3.2Gb, CD - RW 56x, Ram 81Mb, Modem 56K Ambient Internal, Sound Blaster Crystal 4236, Monitor SVGA 14" Daewoo. 
 - My adress : Nicolae Cristescu 5
                        RO-415200 Beius Bihor
                        Tel. 04-0259-320546

 - Since on 1996 with 3th class and 2th class ( 100w on HF and VHF ).
 - Confirmed country ( 91 ), 40 on 80m, 35 on 40m, 82 on 20m, 23 on 15m. Have 50 diplom's. Many contest's, national and international. Packet with TCM 3105 or Sound Balster ( SV2AGW program ). Have YO5OSF-PMS and link YO5OSF-BBS. In a future maybe link to Internet.

Schema de conectare a RTM la calculator ---------- Schema de conectare a RTP la calculator

Modem 1200 baud

Modificari la RTM ( RTF )

Etaj final pentru RTP

A N T E N A' S

Very simple SWL receiver

Receptor sincrodina in 80 m

Alimentatoare pentru transceiverele noastre

Transceiver home made " FS1DSB ", from yo5osf( in DSB mode )

Final amplifier with 4 X GU50 for A412 transceiver

Mic index despre revista Radioamatorul si Radiocomunicatii

 - My friends in Beius : YO5CUC Viorel (my father), YO5OTF Cornel ( go in EA ), YO5BGO Nelu (children club), YO5CDE Nicu, YO5CDO George, YO5CHY Costel, YO5CDH Laurentiu, YO5CQD Zoly, YO5PBS Ady.

 - We have two clubs in the city :YO5KDC ( city club ) and YO5KLU (children club).

    For any information please send e-mail at [email protected]

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