Project started together with my friend UT5JCW - Serge . After we made several QSO's in 144 MHz, 432 MHz, 1296 MHz,

    we talk to made new QSO in 10 GHz band. So UT5JCW have all rigs ready and I am on last steps to see that dreams come true :

   First QSO ever between Ukraine and YO in 10 GHz band.

   (KN44HD - KN64SN = QRB 394 Km, over the Black Sea)


  1.    10 GHZ WBFM

  Project based on SOLFAN - GUNN module.


   Schematics from G3PHO - 10 GHz WBFM transceiver

    Transceiver progress




   Setting up 30MHz IF (international IF standard request)


   Setting up GUNN Voltage


   and ready to start

  2.    10 GHz SSB/CW transverter

   Transverter based on the DB6NT's kit MKU10G2 :



   Xverter have arround 200 mW output.

   SMA coaxial relay - Amphenol 303 series 18 GHz/10 W


   Had to solve a big problem : coaxial relay's coil need 28 Vcc/175 mA for switching operation.

   I want to delivery only 12 Vcc . So I must made a 12 Vcc - 28 Vcc DC - DC converter and also for up to 200 mA 

   (just because this SMA  coaxial  relay was the only one that I've got).

   Was not easy job to do that, took me a lot for home made converter brew , but finally I made.

   Version 1.  Transverer with 28 cm prime focus dish antenna and penny feedhorn ;



  I had several attempts to work Ukraine but failed.

   Version 2. Transverter with 60 cm TV offset dish antenna and W2IMU feedhorn ; 


    Feedhorn original design by W2IMU ;

    pictures from


    My properly feedhorn construction with copper pipes from home's heat system


    Alignment, settings and measurements was made in UK, by G4PBP Russ in his shack from WOLVERHASMPTON

    swr 1:1,05


    Version 2 final


    This Version 2 was not a very good idea, just because Xverter + feedhorn aggregate was to heavy and to long for my plastic antenna's arm.

    Focus distance was modified. In the final after I tried to mount all on tripode - the result - I destroyed some plastic parts from the tripode.

   Of course I had another several attempts to work Ukraine ... but failed again.

    Version 3 - new version was born regarding good stability with new TV 60 cm offset dish and his metal arm ;


     Output power obtained up to 200 mW

     to find the best fedhorn position for focal length signal generator was built. I made test signal :

     YAESU FT 847 set at 144.005 MHz. CW signals and 2W output x 72 order multiplier (with Alpha Microwave Diode)  = 10,368.360 GHz


     Again skeds with Ukraine and again ... fail.

     With the great help of Bernie - G4HJW I get second RX for 3 cm band.


    With 2 complete Rx/Tx rigs I made my first outside test :


    All rigs not worked very well but gave me idea how to do to get better performance.

    The great day was 29.04.2010 when I worked from portable LZ1DX. Was first 3cm ever QSO between LZ - YO.

    LZ1DX Ned (a really big gun in Microwave's world) told me that he searched after my signals, had +/- 17 KHz drift, during our long QSO

    and hid advice was that I must replace internal oscillator with something else more stable.

    The second "3 cm QSO" was with YO8CLN


    But with Ukraine, again ... fail

    Now I'm working to improve the quality of my transverter

    First step it's to increase power from 200 mW to 1 W

    1W new PA was built, but the NEZ1414-2E device it's internally matched to 14 - 14,5 GHz band, and was not possible to tune

    this matched device to 3 cm band.


    still looking for 3 cm 1W device.

    Second step it's to replace the internal crystal oscillator with 106.500 MHz .

   Version 3.

   Tnx to G8APZ - Robin and G8ACE - Je for 106,500 MHz external OXCO

    Tnx to G4PBP Russ for 1W PA and for his great help to understand the "3 cm bugs" from my head


   Xverter in progress now with exterrnal OXCO and 1W PA


    The system become very heavy and unstable, the transverter can not be mounted (as it was before) in close to the focus of my 60 cm

    offset dish antenna. The whole system fell down and my tripode was destroyed. (anyway was a fragile plastic type). So I can restore

    the balance I need to fix the transverter behind dish antenna but I do not have for the moment WR-90 E & H bends to connect

    the feedhorn. Until I will find another idea or some pieces to made connection with WR90 waveguide from rear panel of my transverter to the

    feedhorn I will use my old  28 cm prime  focus dish with penny feed.

    Version 3 final work ... only for the moment






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