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The Antenna Elmer By AC3L & N3LSS -- Design your own HF/VHF/UHF dipoles, Folded dipoles, Inverted Vees, Ground Plane, Half Wave Vertical, 5/8 Wave Vertical, Quads, 2 Meter Beams, Quarter wave line matching and lots more.
Cubical Quad Antenna Calculator -- From KD6DKS Antenna Theory 101 -- Excellent Tutorial From KD4SAI
Antenna Height? -- How High Should They Be? -- By Mike Banz, AA3RL
VHF/UHF Line of Sight Calculator from KD4SAI How to Become An Antenna Guru -- From Dan's Corner Of The Web
Calculate the frequency/length of antennas from KD4SAI Practical Antenna Notes by L. B. Cebik W4RNL
Antenna System Evaluator -- From KD6DKS Smart Antenna Systems Tutorial
Constructii practice - Antene Unde Scurte
Antenna Topics From G3YCC -- Loaded with antenna projects -- At least 20+ projects to choose from.
ARRL Antenna Projects Loaded With Many Antenna Projects
WHAMLOG Antenna topics, reviews, advice, projects
Skywire Loop Antenna -- From N4ZOU
Antenna Page BY K5IDX
W6RCA's G5RV Info
Slinky Antennas -- From Antennas and More
Sterba Curtain Antennas
Roof Space Antennas -- From G3PTO
Rhombic Antenna Home Page
Rhombic Antenna Home Page -KB1SG
Rhombic Ranch, Joby's
Beverage Antenna Information
Beverage Antennas -- By K1TTT
Beverage Antennas -- A Shorty By K3KY
Beverage Antennas -- From KB1GW
St. Louis Vertical -- By Dave Gauding, NF0R
St. Louis Vertical Upgrades -- by Verne Wright, W6MMA
10 Meter Antennas A Bunch -- From Steve Ickes, WB3HUZ
10 Metre Bisquare Antenna -- From G4HBA
10 Meter Verticals using modeling -- From NM5K
Two on 10 -- Ten meter portable beam from Al Alvareztorres, Jr. AA1DO
Fractal Quad for 10M -- by Chip N1IR
80m Beam From Scratch -- From K1TTT's Excellent Technical Reference
Two-Element 75m Phased Vertical Wire Beam
Verkürzte Antennen -- Short Dipoles and Verticals for 160m & 80m -- From DJ9RB
Constructii practice - Antene Unde Ultra Scurte
Antenna Projects -- 2m, 10m, 6m Antennas -- From Brian (G3SYC) and Ian (M0BCG)
Polarity Switchable Yagis for EME G8MBI
432 8 Element Quagi Antenna By N2KBK
Rubber Duck Antennas
J-Pole -- 2 meter / 440 Emergency Antenna -- Easy-To-Follow Instructions -- From KC7FTE, Paul The DragonMaster
The PacketRadio Operator's Antenna Handbook -- Antenna Basics, 2M & 6M Antennas
Build A 2M J Pole -- By Rick Yost N4VQT
Copper Cactus J-Pole antenna -- Plans for 52MHz, 146MHz, 223.5MHz, 435MHz, 912MHz, 1265MHZ -- By Gary, KG0ZP
Antenna Design Gallery -- Five 2 Meter Antennas From Steve, KB1DIG 2M 6-Element Stacked Array
Six Meter Monster Beam -- 8 element, 41 foot boom, 14.0 dBi gain, By N6CA
Six Metre Long-wire Aerial -- By Brian D. Williams, GW0GHF
Six Metre Indoor Loop -- By Colen Harlow, G8BTK
SIX METRE DIPOLE -- The Mighty Wide - From Brian Smith UK
Six Metre Antenna -- By Maurius - ZR6YY
Six Meter Beam, 6M Halo By N2KBK
Soft pentru proiectare / optimizare antene
Yagi Modeling -- Six Antenna Comparison By L. B. Cebik, W4RNL
Antenna Software A Ton -- From The Spread Spectrum Scene -- Not to be missed!!
Antenna Software FreeBees -- Via Walter Banzhaf -- FOURIER-3, HAMCALC, Math Plotting Package, Rotating phasors, RFTOOLBX, SNAP, Transmission Line Analysis Program, TUNING Does stub and L,C matching of loads on transmission lines
Antenna Software by W7EL -- EZNEC, EZNEC pro, ELNEC
VE3SQB -- antenna programs for advanced quads, dipole ,skyhopper, discones and more.
Antenna Software -- Via G4FGQ
Antenna Links page -- Several Software Links -- From Andy Ketner - N3OGT
Antenna Software - Via OK1RR
Antenna Programs from QRZ
FUNET Antenna Software -- From ftp.funet Click here for funet antenna index
Yagi Designer -- Produces antenna radiation patterns and graphs for SWR, forward gain, and F/B ratios.
Quick Yagi -- Via WA7RAI's Home Page -- yagi auto-design, auto-optimize, modeling software
NEC4WIN95 A user-friendly implementation of MININEC3 for Windows 95
Antenna Designs - YO files by K5TR
Antenna Design Freeware -- 1D and 2D arrays from MEI Software
YagiMax 3.11
Accesorii antene
Baluns Antenna tuners
Baluns -- Coax Air Chokes -- From The K1TTT Technical Reference Butternut Remote Antenna Tuner -- From N4ZOU
  Antenna Tuner Manufacturers
  Modified Z Match ATU
  A Single Coil Z-Match ATU
Diverse Cabluri coaxiale
Antenna Accessories Manufacturers Coax Loss Calculator (download program) -- From M5AHJ
Coaxial Stub Filters -- From G4SWX AA3RL Transmission Line Calculator
Rotoare Instrumente de masura, evaluare
The Rotor Doctor The Autek Antenna Analyzer
  A Clip-on RF Current Meter
Antenna Control System for Computers The MFJ259 Antenna Analyzer
Firme constructoare de antene pentru radioamatori
Mosley electronics HY-GAIN Antennas
CUBEX Quad Antenna C3I Antennas
The RADIO WORKS Force 12
Antenna manufactures's links