My Station










































MGF1302 homemade









































GS31B HPA, HA1YA design


Inside my homemade High Power Amplifier...


And the new antenna system...


2 x 2MXP32 antennas

PST2051 azimuth rotator from PRO.SIS.TEL

GS-065 thrust bearing from YAESU

ERC51 elevation rotator from CREATE

ERC elevation controller

My previous antenna for 144MHz...


16 Elements (4.4wl), DJ9BV design

40m above the ground, 150m asl

Homemade rotator for azimuth control, 12" TV actuator for elevation

More then 200 EME initials worked with this antenna



TS870 from Kenwood, modified to support my homemade transverter.

144 to 28 transverter


BF988 transistor in the first RX stage, SBL1 mixer.

7W output from a BLX68 transistor


My Station

144MHz - DXCC, Grids, WAC Standings

EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) My Initials

PstRotator - Software for  Antenna Rotators


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