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One of my ham interests is meteor scatter mode. Usually MS is used on VHF bands, even on 70cm band but very few intentional MS QSOs

are made on HF bands. Now, that we are at solar minimum, it's a good opportunity to try that exotic mode un upper HF bands, 10m-15m, even on 20m. The only problem is ES, low MUF ES enhanced ionoscatter and even tropo which can be present on these bands and create some confusion. The best time seems to be in the morning, when low chance of ES and more sporadic meteors.


I've made some QSOs in HF bands, here are audio samples:


YO9HP 15m TROPO  YO9HP 15m MS   QRB 394 km 7 December 2007


YO7DAQ 10m FSK441    YO7DAQ 15m FSK441    YO7DAQ 15m JT6M   QRB 167 km  1-3 December 2007


OE3DXA                     QRB 439 km JT6M  20m 17.09.2007

OZ1PIF_1    OZ1PIF_2   QRB 1264 km on 15m 14.09.2007 

DL2RMM_FSK441    QRB 805 km FSK 441 15m 15.09.2007

HA8AR    HA8AR     HA8AR    QRB 102 km  on 15m 10.09.2007 - very strong bursts over weak tropo - QSO not finished.

vy short ping 200ms at 25.5s   Very short (200 ms) and strong ping on 15m, decoding only "_HA" (TOL=100). In these cases, FSK441 could be a better choice.

YO2NAA_BY_HA7UL FSK441   My first FSK441 MS QSO on 15m - burst RX-ed by  HA7UL  217 km  11.09.2007

HA7UL at 8s and 20s      HA7UL 3s burst at 16.5s  QRB 217 km on 15m  07.09.2007

HA7UL on 20m at 4.7s vy weak  HA7UL on 20m 6s burst  My first MS QSO on 20m  - more difficult, noise 7dB stronger then 15m

HA7PL   HA7PL vy short     QRB 226 km on 15m 09.09.2007

IK3CHK    QRB 738 km JT6M on 15m 30.08.2007 - burst at 3.6 s

YO2NAA-RXed by IK3CHK   same QSO as above, 2 strong bursts at 10.7 s and at 26s 

HA5LV at 11s    HA5LV 3s burst at 6s    QRB 252 km  on 15m 04.09.2007 - strong bursts over weak tropo ?

DF2NU-1        DF2NU-2           QRB 746 km JT6M on 15m 24.08.2007  - many strong bursts over some weak ES or ES-ionoscatter

YO2NAA-RXed by-DL2RMM      YO2NAA in QSO with F6GCP on 15m 28.08.2007 - one very clear burst

OE1SMC   QRB 457 km  JT6M on 15m  30.08.2007 - short and strong burst at 13.4s , over a lot of QRN

DL2RMM-1    DL2RMM-2       QRB 805 km JT6M on 15m  23.08.2007  04 UTC   burst at 8.6s and at 11.1s on the second file

DL2RMM                                   JT6M on 10m 23.08.2007 04:30 UTC   2s strong burst


DA0HQ      on 10m CW - IARU HF championship 2007 - bursts almost every minute - QRO and a good ANT helps a lot

DA0HQ-1  DA0HQ-2  DA0HQ-3   spectran captures

DL0IGI 13 July   DL0IGI 14 July 2007     Dl0IGI 16 aug 1   DL0IGI 16 aug 2     DL0IGI beacon 28.205  48W and Vertical

DL0IGI 8-Sep 1    DL0IGI 8-Sep  2    Spectrogram captures


9A2YF     QRB 312 km JT6M on 10m - underdense reflections, very short because of low QRB. QSO not finished.



For any remarks and  questions regarding these samples and MS on HF, don't hesitate to e-mail me.


I use to do also Meteor scatter on 2m... well,  sometimes not quite usual, with only 2EL on the balcony






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