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Even if I don't have yet an 144 rig, I like MS on 2m, and I worked on very few ocasions from  my friends.

This year (2007) on perseids I tried from my QTH, using a 2/10m RX only transverter (BF-981) with my

2EL HB9CV ant in the balcony, in very poor conditions as you can see:


Beaming North-East:                                                             Beaming North-West



I was very suprised to hear and decode some very nice bursts, even some backscatters from very close stations.


Some wav files:


ON4AP - 1453 km   OZ6OL - 1240 km   DG0KW - 1113 km    UT2UB - 804 km


LZ1KJ - 600 km       S57EA - 511 km      YO5KAI/P-188 km     YZ7MON- 140 km



Metteor scatter on HF


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