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Original XP1AB QSL card from  the seventies.


 Greenlandic homerules has been force to recall license to use XP1AB. After 1st November, 2001 it will never more be possible to work XP1AB. The Radio club in Kangerslussuaq will  apply for permission to have another call sign. 

Some of the operators of XP1AB

XP1AB contest team leader  OX3LG Michael have pronounce, we will go for a top 5 result in this contest no less! we will beat the best because we will go beyond where nobody has been before and therefore we will win.  XP1AB will go for the trophy! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE :-)

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Weather in Kangerlussuaq live

We send a big thanks to our Sponsors, without them nothing was possible!!!

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