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We send a big thanks to our Sponsors, without them it was not possible!!!

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In year 2000 there was a gang from OZ,OX and PA who made a huge EME VHF/UHF DXpedtion  to Greenland.  The idea to try a major HF contest from same location in Kangerslussuaq was born during  OX2K DXpedtion. Here we are now in year 2001, and almost ready to go for CQWW SSB Contest.  

XP1AB hope to have some advantage, compare with the other participant world wide, during the fact Greenland are located in North America zone 40 but still only 2500 KM from Europe and therefore we hope to collect more points.

Another advantage who is one of our secret weapons is on low band 80,160m the man-made noise in Greenland and the artic is so low we can hear the grass growing, and signals down to S1, if we have power enough (we will have!) and a good antenna to get through the noise and pileups in the rest of the world we can work QRP station on 80 and 160 meters.

XP1AB also have some other secret weapons in this contest, but some of it is so secret,  webmaster do not know at present ! 

Take a look at our Equipment list!

But XP1AB also have disadvantage of being in the Artic area, we are located in the North auroral zone who can give us black outs, and no condx for many hours or days. If any black outs during the contest, XP1AB are still well prepare , all contest team members have buy a bottled of TAX-FREE  booze! We will then have fun in another way but still enjoy the artic climate !!


Try one Greenlandic coffee and you will forget all about Tea!!

Greenlandic coffee

2 cl kahlua
2 cl whisky
2 cl Drambuie or Grand Marnier
hot coffee
whipped cream

Pour whisky and Kahlua into a long-footed glass. Add the coffee until the glass is two-thirds full. Put some whipped cream on top of the coffee.
Pour Drambuie or Grand Marnier in a spoon and set it on fire. Pour the burning liquid slowly into the coffee (this is called "northern light"). Stir up the contents of the glass and serve the coffee.


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