The Western Washington Amateur Television Society (WWATS) is a group of amateur radio operators in the Puget Sound area with a common interest in amateur television. We transmit and receive full color video pictures and have an ATV repeater on Cougar Mountain east of Seattle.

The repeater is turned on during our Wednesday and Saturday evening nets, and produces wonderful signals.

We hold our nets on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 20:00 Pacific. The audio portions of our nets are conducted with the assistance of the SeaTac Repeater Association on 147.08 MHz. We would of course like to say that visitors are welcome and we would be delighted to have you join our Wednesday and Saturday evening nets. For those who have a hard time receiving our over the air video broadcasts, we also make an attempt to do a live stream of our nets. Check the streaming page!

If you're inclined, our constitution and bylaws are also availble here on our website. Constitution & Bylaws