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BDARC was formed in 1955. Like most clubs it has seen its membership fluctuate over the years. When the hobby first went to the "no code tech" licensing system in the early 90's there was a drastic increase in the number of folks entering the hobby and a correspondent increase in club membership. We had a membership of close to 100 people in those days. In later years those numbers have dwindled - we think in large part due to the widespread use of cell phones and other communication devices. However we now see a renewed interest in the hobby with the move away from Morse Code altogether.

Our current membership is 20 (January 2023). Club officers are: President:
Charlie Marlow, WB8CNN; Vice President: John D. Hymes, W8HY   Secretary: Daniel L. Simmons, KE8KEA; Treasurer: James E. Pate Jr, KD8WRL; Executive Committee Member at Large: Tim Carter, N8CU.

BDARC owns and maintains a repeater which operates on frequency 145.370 MHz. it has a 100. cps tone with negative offset, located, on the old EOC tower in Beckley, West Virginia.

BDARC runs a Service and Information net once a week on Friday night at 9:00PM. This net is; First, to pass emergency traffic; Second, to pass non-emergency traffic and announcements; and Third, to meet on the air and see that everyone is OK, and to give each operator an opportunity to  comment on their past week of events or reflections. All check-in's are welcome, comments are encouraged but not required.

B.D.A.R.C. Monthly Club Meeting:  The next monthly business meeting of the B.D.A.R.C. will be held at the Golden Corral Restaurant 1320 N. Eisenhower Dr. Beckley WV, on Tuesday April 11th, 2023 at 7pm. Please remember to come around 6:00pm if you plan to eat. Meals or club membership are not a requirement to attend the meeting. Potential new members and those interested in the hobby are always welcome to join us. Annual election of officers will take place at the March meeting, please try to be in attendance.

Annual dues are $20 plus $10.00 for each additional family member, so a husband and wife can both join for $30.00/year. The membership year is April 1st thru March 31st. A new "Lifetime Membership" level has been added (by request) and voted in by majority; where a single club member can pay 20 times the current annual membership rate, at this time the rate of $400.00 - will pay your club dues for life!

Club activities include: Participation in Field Day each year, sponsoring a W5YI sanctioned volunteer examination team, "special events" stations; such as an annual Summertime picnic, and Christmas dinner/party. All activities are open to any amateur, but we hope you will like us enough to join the club and help support repeater operation. Anyone interested in joining the club can contact James E. Pate Jr, for additional information. [email protected]

Also, we welcome visitors to our club meetings if you'd like to check us out before deciding whether to join.