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Lighthouse on Northern Tip of St. Paul Island at sundown [Sept. 1998]
Duane [L] and John Buchanan [R] secure gear for departure from Atlantic cove, Southern Island of St. Paul Island [July 1993]

TH-2 antenna on tripod used from Northern Tip of St. Paul Island [Sept. 1998]

Duane at home

First licensed in 1978 as a teenager.  Ex calls-  KA3BTG,   N2GIC,  KE2QC,  WV2B/VE1,  WV2B/CY9.  My main interests in ham radio are DXing,  Contesting,  Expeditions,  and Awards chasing.  I serve as an ARRL Official Observer,  and hold USA-CA all counties award #773  as well as other awards.
If you or your group are interested in supporting future DXpeditions in North America,   I would be pleased to hear from you.  73

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