Frequency Stabilizer Board

Stabilizer board

The MOSFET buffer amplifier is in the yellow box in the upper left hand corner of the board. Note the output for a frequency counter. This connection is not used. Its output is too high for the frequency counter.

The output amplifier is the CA3140. The 330 ohm resistor is the output current limiting resistor. This resistor sits next to the Relay coil output box. The relay is no longer used.

The 7805 regulator at the top right of the board is mounted with the front towards the outside of the board. Be very careful, installing it backwards will destroy the IC's on the PCB.


Two sides of the shield are shown above. Since the stabilizer is mounted in the back left corner, the other side shields are not absolutely needed.

The top cover has been placed over the stabilizer PCB. Small diameter coax should be used for connections to the VFO, relay, and 12 Volts.

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