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Dedicated to the enjoyment and development of the Ham radio hobby in west Marin county, California.

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WMARS has adopted the Marconi Conference center as it's first major public service project. The conference center is situated at the site of Marconi's west coast radio center, dating back to the early 1900s this was literally the cradle of modern radio communication. While many of the buildings remain, most of the historical electrical infrastructure has been lost. It is the goal of the West Marin Amateur Radio society to help preserve knowledge of this pivotal time in world history.

On February 15,1998 we began our explorations by viewing the few remaining pieces of radio equipment on site. You can view a short quicktime movie of this field trip here:
How K6JOQ Lost his hair
Be warned that this "little movie" is 3.5 megabytes long and requires some patience for those with anything less than a T1 type connection. The movie link is currently broken, we'll get it fixed real soon.

WMARS will also be conducting Field Day operations from the Marconi Conference Center. Stay tuned to this web site for updates on this project, including information on how you can obtain a commerative QSL card from this special event.

We are also proud to announce the establishment of the globally available, WMARS Chat room. Brought to you courtesy of the ICQ network our chat room user number is: 37144213 . Use of this service requires special software, click here to download ICQ: http://www.icq.com/

To request a brochure or obtain more information send e-mail to: WMARS

Local Radio Frequencies:

West Marin Simplex Channel: 147.420mhz

Packet Frequency: 144.910mhz

Local Packet BBS's: PRSMB - or - WMBBS

Some Node Names to try: PRSND - SHARK

WMARS meets about every other month. There is a weekly simplex net on Monday at 1945hrs pacific.

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